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Cyan's Conflict - Final

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Author Comments

Final Fantasy Parody.

Please leave any suggestions, if they are decent, they will be tossed in. If you have any criticism, make it constructive and we can build from there. Thanks!!!


Update: New scene added

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love the music

i love FF7 and the music went great with it...good job

Kewl! ^.^

Yeah, Disciple_Of_Death is pretty wrong in my opinion, but don't get me wrong either. First, Cyan should use is Sword. He has cool skills like Quadra Slam Or Slash or whatever, and yeah, the battle should be longer... but I disagree with him on these: First, your Ultima looked pretty cool, maybe only reworking it a little so It looks even cooler :P Second, The music wasn't that bad! It's a pretty good song, although you could alternate a little, and last, I think he just didn't get the "Parody" Part right :P Your idea of Leo being Shadow is good and so is your plot line, Keep up the cool work man! ^^

Pretty good.

U seem 2 b well aware of what the crowd wanz, but the fight scene is something u must work on. The Ultima spell was nicely done, but if that's all sum1 needs 2 win... You must make the fights longer, more complex, real, Cyan should attack 2, not just sit there til he's half-dead and then cast a single spell and win. Work on this, cuz your potential is very good.


Disciple_of_chaos you are complewtely wrong. yes in ff3/6(japan) ultima is a blue dome but in ff2(japan) ultima is red and looks a fuck of a hell lot like a fire spell. n e ways good job on the movie!


First of all ultima isnt all the red junk u had. its a blue dome that apears in the middle. And y exactly did you import that shitty ff7 battle music for the intire movie. and cyan should never be using magic because he has his sword techniques. and seeing how in ff3 you can see leo and shadow together (if hes in your party at the time) so this was kindof historacly wrong. for part to play the game and do your homework on it dude

Credits & Info

3.45 / 5.00

Dec 8, 2001
2:44 AM EST