Incubus Pulsum

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This game is HARD! You won't beat it on your first try but after a few tries you'll get better.

Don't skip the instructions, but if you must ARROW KEYS ready a mallet and A swings them.

Hints and tips below

In this challenging but addicting game, you must smash the dream creatures before they reach the portal to the real world. Don't let your energy reach 0 or the results are horrible. Oh the humanity! This will happen for your first few tries, but after a few tries you'll start to get better at the game. Enjoy our work and pay a visit to those talented audio artists' pages! Can YOU win the mystery prize?


You won't win on your first try, but don't give up! The game seems easier and easier every time you play through it. Eventually you'll be 5-clouding hard mode every time you play. Not insane mode though, it's nearly impossible (but don't worry, there's nothing it unlocks anyway)

If a pattern is side-diagonal-side, hold the side button down through the whole patern and just tap up or down when the diagonal one comes through. Same way for up-diagonal-up or similar patterns.

The hardest key combination is up and down at the same time. Make it easy for yourself and use 1 finger to hold down both keys.

If you're having trouble hitting notes on beat, try to concentrate more on the music than the visual representation. This will help, but it doesn't mean you can close your eyes and play.



this game rocks!!!!!!

This is possibly the best note hitting game ive ever played on the computer!

(and for the guy who said it wasnt that great because there is no retry button THERE IS!!!!!)


HORRAY I BEAT IT,wow that took me so long to beat phew,great job,notes were perfect and insane was so hard lol 10/10

Awesome game guys

The game is truly awesome, as I'm sure glaiel wouldn't deny.
Really fun, really addicting, and is for once in this genre ORIGINAL, I'm really impressed :) Plus it's challenging, which makes it all the more worth while. Congrats on an amazing game, fuck the low score (for what it deserves) it's currently getting, you know you'll win the competition at least. Great job on both parts, congratulations.


Dance dance revolution type thing sweet.

that was pretty amazing

I loved this game, i actually came back to it a few times just to get the super secret ending.

But seriously, that secret sucked lol i spent ages getitng 5 dream bubbles for that?

And insane IS impossible

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3.73 / 5.00

Jun 22, 2007
8:31 AM EDT