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Some interpreters suggest that Leviathan is a symbol of mankind in opposition to God, claiming that it and beasts mentioned in the books of Daniel and Revelation should be interpreted as metaphors. The usage of Leviathan in the Old Testament books (Isaiah 27:1) would seem to be a reference to a Semitic mythological beast mentioned in Ugaritic literature (of Ugarit, a city-state in North Syria). According to Canaanite myth, the Leviathan was an enemy of order in Creation and was slain by the Canaanite god Baal. The word Leviathan to the ancient Jews became synonymous with that which warred against God's kingdom. This especially included nations warring against Israel such as Assyria and Egypt.


i love this flash!

i love this flash, the way you answerd every single one of peoples reviews with a funny comment & congrats on the turd of the week!

StagBeetle responds:

thank youi


....it's amazing that none of the four authors who made this never bothered to look back and say, "guys, this is really laaaaame." i mean, the preloader is better than the actual show. howdtheydothat?

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i wasted like 5 minutes waiting for the movie to end. at first i thought "thats a pretty cool dragon." after 2 minutes, "im guessing somethin freaky is gunna happen at the end?"after 5 minutes, "screw this im doin sumn else." if you wanna do something else like this, go ahead. try putting in more pics..? the song isnt that bad, its just that theres only one pic...and itsin the flash portal. use the audio portion of it and put it in the audio portal. wen something is in the flash portal, people expect flash as opposed to 1 pic. overall i found it kinda boring, but w/e :P

StagBeetle responds:

I'd love to put it in the audio portal but I didn't make the song

No real... "anything" here

Next time do some REAL work in your flash, nobody wants to sit for an hour watching at some picture...

The song was ok, but the flash is still horrible. By the way, congrats on "Turd of the week".

StagBeetle responds:


It's a Nice Picture

It's a nice picture, but as the other guys have said a little animation is needed for NewGrounds. The audio you have is also pretty cool.

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Jun 18, 2007
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