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Rythm Tetris

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Author Comments

Okido! Here's my entry for the Rock Out contest.

If you find any strange bugs to tell me about it. Also the scoreboard has been a little unstable lately, but I can't do anything about that.

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Nifty game

Another fine Tetris version these do come in and you made it fun you gave it some nice gameplay action with a few extras the Rythym Twist that you had in there that made this game that much better so nice game indeed love the Tetris style and this was a pretty decent version of Tetris still keeping the entertainment alive in a classic like this I love the replay value this classic brings and you made it so there are some nice visuals too


It was ok, but you could have made the beat pressing a little easier by making it 1/4 or 1/8 a beat before and after, that way people with slow reaction/rhyth/laggy keybord (i.e wireless) can enjoy this game aswell.

Puzzle Tetris + Rythym Twist = Bad Idea

Cause you must tap the correct keys many times to move the blocks in the correct spots you want them. like a madman cause the response is delayed by the beats.

Score system should be functional on the website board and accurate cause the score must always increase until game over.

Kudos for the music : All the music selection is nice .

Game Tips that I can give you cause I reached level 4 :

1 . Tap faster the correct keys - To rotate Block and move the block in the spot you want it

2. Coordinate and Predict the correct Rotation and Positions of current Block and Next Block in wait : Very important skill to master to make lines.

3 . Dont descend blocks too fast: Since in this game keys delay to the music beats and your score is not garantied to improve like a normal tetris game with functional scoreboard ;Give yourself a breathe in the slow decend and plan your block position tactically .

Game Sucks in the mechanics to combine it with Rythym Twist . Terrible control performance , Terrible Scoreboard integration System and crazy beats. All combine to make you The most Terrible Fun Factor Experience in a Tetris Game posted at Newgrounds. Again Kudos for the Music!

Score Breakdown 4 cause I reached level 4 out of 9 levels of a normal classic tetris game plus 1 extra point for the music = Score of 5 points out of 10. decent rate.

Vote Scale from 0 to 5 based on my likehood to this game: Not Bad in Fact I like it . 3 out of 5.


I'm sorry but the beat is impossible.......you have to get it perfect to move your blocks anywhere. -____- I'm very annoyed with this game. (and i'm very patient, mind you.) You should consider re-doing this........

of course, thinking about it.....i think the reason why this game bothers me so much is that you messed up a classic puzzle game that many people enjoy. I would have loved it if it was a little better done though :P The timing.....do something about the timing.


This is horrid. I've played several variants of Tetris. I've played quite a few rhythm games. But combing the two does not work.

I need not say more than that having to press keys to move the blocks in a rhythm is an inherently broken feature, but I must. At several points I pressed the keys to the blips on the right, yet it still did not respond. I hit the keys like a madman just to get it where I wanted the block, which I SHOULD NOT have to do.

The scoring system is also moronic. If you're going to have an inherently broken system, don't punish us further by making a scoring system that punishes us for getting the blocks to move the only effective way we can by bashing on keys until it's where we want them, which, again, one SHOULD NOT have to do.

The beat system is confusing. What are we supposed to do with it? There are these flashing lights to the right, yet they seem to be meaningless as pressing to when they light up doesn't work.

All in all, I must say this game is horrendously bad. I can't even say 'it was a valiant' effort, as I doubt any effort was put into this. No matter which way I look at this game, I can't bring myself to say 'Yeah, here's some honest effort!' I suggest to anyone reading this to not play this game.

Credits & Info

2.46 / 5.00

Jun 15, 2007
9:40 AM EDT