Subordinate Droids

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Author Comments

Inspired by Saturday morning cartoons, young Hamish embarks upon a coming-of-age journey where he stumbles across friendship, corrupt government officials and, inevitably, evil robots.

Thanks for the front page, sir!

Part 2 & 3 are now submitted!


IMPORTANT: Please make sure to click the API ads as the cartoon is loading as all the money raised is split between the Breast Caner Research Fund and the Yellow Ribbon Fund.

Check out their profiles for more info! :D


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Ahhh, yes

I do remember watching this one a while back... possibly on the day you uploaded it?
Yes, you can do good story work away from violence, so I'll accept that Captain Violence is just a parody of ridiculous superhero and move on from critiquing your story-writing abilities, haha.

Pretty well done, but it's clear your animation has come a long way from back here.

sorbitol responds:

HAHA! Thanks Deaththe14th!
I'm flattered you took the time to check my other work :)

The challenge was to try an make a decent series of cartoons without taking the easy way out (video-game references, swearing...etc...) and to try and practice writing stories and see what I could do in Flash. This must be about 2 years old now... doesn't time fly?

Thankfully, I have improved a little since then.

Thanks for another cool review, Deaththe14th! I really do appreciate them!


not the best

but its ok
the animation was good
the fight scenes needed alittle work but that will get better over time
all in all not bad

sorbitol responds:

Thanks, mate!

Yeah, the fights could use a bit of a polish I suppose but it was the best I could do at the time - the other episodes are a bit more slick.

Appreciate the review! Thanks! :D

Getting pro eh? ^^

Animation: 9/10
Story: 8/10

Animation: it may not been 3-d but it look way more professional than all the previous ones

Story: bunch of killer robots, government lunatic,lazy kid...its all a good story needs

Audio: combining background music, and now voice acting, this is getting professional

Dynamic: all from before and now credits, this is getting big :)

sorbitol responds:

Thank you again!

This was my first time writing a script and getting some friends to voice act for me.
I remember finding this a real challenge to make but it came out aright (I hope!).

Also, I used audio portal music rather than my own ridiculous creations this time so it sounded a lot better (I hope!).

This episode was both loved and hated in equal measure. I HAD to make a sequel! :D

holy fuck

I dont know why its only rated 3.76, the animation and style was amazing, i was really impressed. Plus it was funny and entertaining, i gotta watch part 2

sorbitol responds:

Hey! Thank man!

Glad you liked this!

As for the score, it just keeps me trying harder! :D


that was one of the best videos ive seen

sorbitol responds:

Thank a lot!
I really appreciate this cool review!
Cheers buddy!

Credits & Info

4.01 / 5.00

Jun 10, 2007
6:16 PM EDT
Comedy - Original