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Olympic Love

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Author Comments

There's been alot of debate recently over the newly unveiled 2012 Olympic Logo. Most people hate it, a few really pretentious designers decided to convince themselves they love it, etc. Well, I love it too and he's a visual demonstration WHY.





Its a pretty funny vid-i know, the olympic logo looks gai


Nice camera movement with little details such as blurring. I saw a couple of more versions with this idea but this one's way better than the rest.


for what it was (a 10 second short made in 5 minutes tops), this flash was okay.

but it isnt really the flash itself that bothers me as much as it is the fact that the humor in it is exactly the same as in all of your other work. if you had any variation to the themes of your flashes i would have a lot more respect for you as a flash author because i think you're a pretty good artist. but despite being criticized for it, you never change; its ALWAYS the same. DICK JOKES PENIS WEINER SEX ANAL JIZZ PENIS ASS SEXUAL etc etc.

do something new and different for a change. delve into some other type of humor you haven't explored yet, like satire or something. for once, avoid going the sexual route. just ONCE. ONE TIME would be enough. sex jokes are ok in small doses but if it is the single most creative concept you can come up with for every single one of your flashes, you're never gonna go anywhere as an animator. you'll be seen by your animation peers as a one trick pony who severely lacks the ability to come up with fresh new ideas. dont let the 14 year old sex crazed retards who frequent this website blind you from that fact.

but i probly shouldve left this review on tankmen or something since so little effort was put into this and you clearly dont even care about it... whatever, just suggestions for the future.

JohnnyUtah responds:

haha. its hilarious thats all you ever see of my work. do you honestly think all i can do is DICK JOKES? This is like me saying "can all you do is make shitty faggot star syndicate movies?" i dunno pal, atleast i put SOME effort into what I do. so in essence, your statements hold no weight because you're a huge hypocrite. and dont PM me complaining that I'm off base, since everybody can see I'm not.


That was crazy....
I'd laugh if that was put on TV, man.

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Credits & Info

4.17 / 5.00

Jun 9, 2007
10:09 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody