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Seconds of Escape

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A sad, short film. Don't work too much or this will happen, maybe ;)

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love the music

the red violin <3 totally awesome movie <3 and don't work too hard yourself XD

i liked it

the guy at the beginning looked like sloth from the goonies at first

Hildebrandt responds:

I watch too little TV to know who that is, sry :D


I totally agree with the fellow below me. This is really good stuff. It has a lot of style and vision. The animation was certainly great, not perfect, but still better than most stuff around. The atmosphere was communicated really well. An order above the average fair.

Hildebrandt responds:

Hehe, thanks... that was my very first flash movie. I asked people to blam it because the synchronisation was totally fucked after I uploaded it (I got angry at the internet...:D), but now it works. Yeah, the animation is a bit shaggy and I really wresteled with flash (mmore than I do now) when I made it. Thanks though! :)

Great movie.

Why does this movie have such a low score and left 4 speed has been on the front page for like, 3 months?


Hehe if anything this was cute because of the characters and such, very entertaining and is why i liked it, some smoothing here and there would improve on this other then that nice work indeed.