Character War Z

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Watch Sonic, Knuckles, Samus, Richter Belmont, Luigi and Diddy Kong fighting in the phase one of the Mobius Martial Arts Tournament...
But while they are fighting, nobody knows, Tails and an unknown character are planning to do.
I made this movie as a tribute to Alvin Earthworm, because his saga (Super Mario Bros Z) is extremely cool and I love it.


Nice idea, but...

Well it's not a bad idea, but this video is very hard to follow because the text is all broken. Now I'm not usually picky about spelling and grammer online like some grammer nazi, but this is so bad I can barely understand what's being said. Also, the second part of the video, where Sonic meets Tikal, almost seems like a completely new video, it doesn't relate to the first part at all except for the mention of Tails and the continents. You need to tie that in better. On the positive side, I did love your choice of end credit theme. But I gotta know, when did Diddy Kong get that kinda power???

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its ok, just couldnt stand all the knock back dbz noise...beeeuuuarrr beeuuar beuar boom boom boom beeuuarr.

It was alright.


for one, a lot of the grammar was bad...threw me off quite a bit when trying to understand what they were saying.
Another thing is that it didn't really make sense as to why some of the characters did what they did....so that made it even more disorienting.
Other than that, it was well made

only for story

i gave u six starsonly cuz the story wasnt bad, but the characters, and the fisghts, were lame, take the stry and start all over agian dude...

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3.40 / 5.00

Jun 2, 2007
12:27 PM EDT