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Dana's Birthday

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EDIT: FORA ( me ) made this, that stupid co's are some friends who gratzed my sister :D

I made this flash for my sister because it was her anniversary yesterday. I didn't made the deadline so it's one day to late :(. I worked 24 full hours on it.
Happy anniversary Dana, you are 12 years old already :D.

Edit: Because it is lock day today I made something for the locks to in the flash :P ( just really short )

I made this flash in clock style because she loves clocks :).
Strawberry clock = me
Yellow clock = my mum
My sister = the one who is watching and if ur not my sister, then screw you.


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I have an uncle called Dana. Well, actually it's a nickname. I guess that connected with me a bit. I still didn't care for this. It wasn't even about locks. This seemed too long.

It wasn't just really short. The artwork was pretty shoddy. I guess it was at least authentic to the Clock style. Well, the Lock style. Happy Lock Day, I suppose.

Not bad

I'm happy to hear that you made a flash dedicated to your sister's birthday so that's a nice cause,the animation could use better detail and quality but the sounds & voicing was done very well plus there was some pretty funny moments too,overall this wasn't a great flash but it was for a nice cause so kudos go to you for that. =)


First of all, why are the stars clocks if it's LOCK day, second, how can you do something with stick figures and round things that sound like they were made without planing. I just don't get why they only mention lock day in the backround. At least put this at the clock crew place and not here. I think it would be much better if you stuck to the topic and didn't add the sister's birthday. Make it N's birthday for all I care. I just think that it could have been better.

Fora responds:

No, it was my sister's birthday, I made it for my sister. I'm not the one who put this in the lock day collection. So pls, go die

this was weird

the voices are realy anoying and what was that with the kitty krew is this a promotion of a GOOD kitty krew movie that never came or what???

Clcok day hehe

Well it was a good effort and the detail could use more work like on the clocks themself, and maybe more story to it, i enjoyed it though and had fun with this animation, just needs more detail if you ask me, anyways nice job.

Another fun clock flash.