Western shootout

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Kill as many cowboys as possible. Each one you shoot gives you 3 seconds. You lose time if you get shot.


Eh just another shooting gallery. Just kinda played it and moved on


it was like imposible to die and i keeped 187 forever i gust shot wildy

alright one

that was a cool shooting-style game. the western theme to this one was nicer then a futuristic or space theme, but it got a little bit repetitive after awhile and lost a little bit of the enjoyment in this one.... but it was still alright to play.

Eh. It's pretty mediocre and repetitive.

This is more like a click-fest with graphics put over it. It's not such a horrible game, but it's very boring after a couple hundred kills.

Some things you could add to it are increasing difficulty, different weapons, and more variety of enemies, if you're going for a simple point-based addictive game. But I think this kind of games benefits greatly from a plot, and if you add in campaigns and story elements, it'd be much better.

That's a good one! Good idea!

Well, I really liked you idea.

It's simple yet efficient.

What I'm going to write below is more about add-ons rather than improvement so...

I'd like to see in your game...

1) A reload your gun feature... That way you waste time while reloading so you have to carefully the right moment to reload...

2) A punitive systeme for being shot... Like you make a "health" system with health packs or, if you don't like this idea... Well, you could make it such as every gun shot taken turns into a time loss like -1 second each time you get shot

3) Following idea #2, you could add a shield/ducking system...
When your sure your gonna be shot by an opponent you could at least avoid an extra time loss or damage to the stamina

4) Put a speed increase system... well, after 400 kill, I kinda get bored and stopped... I felt like difficulty wasn't rising...

In the end, I mean, you've made a good flash... Now, I think you can turn it into a classic/ a masterpiece. So, I've a lot of expectation for a futur version!

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3.19 / 5.00

May 21, 2007
8:35 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - First Person