Naruto Ninja Pirates

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This was a rather quickly made movie. I made this in a few days time for a friend's english project.

Music is from Naruto OST and Yakitate Japan OST. Sprites are from various games.

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naruto and gaara make a perfect team


they kicked those pirats asses

Good job, but it could have been better.

I think you should have included sounds for the blasts and the hits impacting the pirates. The music loop change was sudden too. Nice job though for a few days. =)

Cloud-Orion responds:

I thought about sound effects, but I've never really used them. I prefer to normally put more focus on the music, but if I had time I would have tried incorporating sound effects as well. As for the sudden music change, same excuse as before, I didn't have enough time to put in the solid content which would give the music change greater meaning.

And of course, thanks for the input.

The sprites are cool but...

The music doesn't always fit the occasion. The second music playing made me o___owtf at it because the song sounded so happy, whereas it was a fight scene and it just didn't match.

I would suggest you brush up on your punctuation, too. Halfway through the flash, my thought was hey this person doesn't know proper punctuation and it distracted me away from the flash.

Cloud-Orion responds:

First of all, I chose the music according to how I imagined the characters to feel. The "happier" music for the second half was put in as a "turing of the tide, yay good guys are winning" type of music. I know it was sudden, but if I had more time, I would have added alot more to the movie, which would give the music change more meaning and sense.

As for puncuation, same excuse as I've said before. It was rushed.

Also, Thanks for the input.

It's all good.

It was pretty good! but you didn't use correct Grammer in the first line (Pirate are coming!), and the graphics for the boat were....Banana-ish, as in, shaped like a Banana without much detail to the wood, but it was a pretty good movie! ^_^ V..

Cloud-Orion responds:

Thanks! It was rushed so it wasn't even near as good as I hoped it would be, sice the deadline was coming up. However, it was still a bit of work. It took a few hours for me to figure out a simple problem I had with some of the images...It was insanely frustrating. So your words have made it worth it. Thank you again! ^_^

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4.08 / 5.00

May 20, 2007
12:36 AM EDT
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