Resident Evil: Quack EDTN

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Awesome! Front page, over 25K views and its been added to the RE collection! Thanks guys!

Just a small collection of some shorts I made over the weeks to take a break from Sprawl Metropolis. They mess around with the audio from the RE games basically.




ROFL this is chris THIS IS SPARTAAAAAA that was pure genius

Barry is an idiot.........

I have always loved the 'Take this, Its really powerful agianst living things....' and what do you fight in resident evil? I thought everything was already supposed to be dead. Sort of rules the effective part of said weapon out huh.

And if that isn't supposed to be the case then why in hells name would you want to have a weapon that isn't effective at killing living things? 'Take this, its a gun, but it wont kill living things, it will just really piss them off........'

Anyway, nice job dude, you kept it nice and short and I found it pretty funny.

Pretty funny hombre.

Made me laugh, work on the backgrounds. And add more RE4 jokes in the next one. Keep up the good work.

BradRedfield responds:

Yeah, the backgrounds were terribly done. I just got some random JPEGs and threw them on. If I make a sequel, it'll have original backgrounds.

And I might do some RE4 jokes. :P


ive never played resident evil, so im sure this would be a lot funnier if i had, but this still made me laugh very hard, especially the Phone one XP. if u do decide to make another, try to make it a lil longer.

hahahaha this is the funy est thing ever for now..

this is criss...this is ....x4 ....this is enrique...this is SPARTA!!!! ...hahaha lol i like the over protective thing too doo mooooorrrrreeeee pppppllllsssss

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May 9, 2007
10:34 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody