MK vs. SF 3

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MK vs SF 3. See part 2 if you haven't. Most likely the final one of the series.

- you can play with the symbols in the load screen
- graphic intensive
- best viewed with IE (than Firefox)



The Good:

Smooth animation
Decent Length
A few creative moments during the fight scene
Soundtrack wasn't obnoxious, and it fit well

The Bad:

Extremely predictable
Weak dialogue
Overused animations that seemed as if they were looping for minutes on end
Despite the flashiness of it all, it wasn't all that interesting.

Overall the hype didn't seem to match the product. After watching MK vs. SF 2, this felt like it was Ctrl V + Ctrl C'd with a few palette swaps here and there. I suppose it's decent fodder for all the SF/MK fans out there, but a little more imagination would have gone a long way.

Also, why was MK so poorly represented? Whatever happened to Liu Kang? That one Hadouken back in MK vs SF 2 was enough to finish him off? Seems like this series should be more appropriately named, something like " STREET FIGHTER DRAMA-and-maybe-some-two-bit-Mortal-K ombat-characters-just because-I-felt-like-it"

Did I mention it was predictable?

Good animation. Biased.

I see a bias in this series, for no matter how much damage the MK characters do to the SF characters (beating the hell out of them, then numerous puncture wounds, multiple consecutive beat downs, burn wounds. . . etc) the SF characters always win, AND not die, through some miracle. Yet, the MK characters always die. I dislike this series very much for that, and is the main reason for writing this review.
Also, the story was very lacking, and was not entertaining.

In terms of animation alone, that earns three stars. But, with the aforementioned flaws, I give it two.

Uhhh, what the hell happened?

1 and 2 did so well....what the hell happened in 3? If there was a rating for storyline here, I'd give it a zero. For one thing, Akuma and Ryu are just a little too friendly to each other, especially since Akuma is a ruthless killer and he killed Ryu's master. And Akuma is Ryu's father?? WTF is up with that?! Most of the dialog is cheesy and poorly written. And the worst part is Chameleon's.....

"Emperor's new sex slave??"

What in the name of Jesus Christ were you thinking? That was just extremely freakin awkward. Using a gun in the middle of the fight was just a ridiculous decision. If this flash was meant to be humorous it would've been ok, but it was just stupid. You seriously need to go back to the drawing board on this one, and you should probably get someone who can write and make a story also. If you care to look for suggestions, drop me a line.

Too many flashing colors

This makes the screen and fights hard to comprehend. Also, why so much violence? And I agree, the dialogue is dodgy and the music is terrible. Please try harder, thanks.

saw that ending come MK never wins.

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May 7, 2007
9:28 PM EDT
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