MK vs. SF 3

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MK vs SF 3. See part 2 if you haven't. Most likely the final one of the series.

- you can play with the symbols in the load screen
- graphic intensive
- best viewed with IE (than Firefox)



Wow, just, wow. I have been amazed.

:P The graphics kinda reminded me of the Korean MMOS (Maplestory anyone?)

Holy Bloody Hell!

Now that was a fantatic battle, damn i was sitting and ....O_O
And i diden't have a qlue of how was going to win.

Words cannot describe what you collaborated here.

This was one of the most action packed emotionally driven sprite movies I've ever seen, your a very talented artist I think you should know, ever since I've seen your first MK vs. SF, I was hooked, and the series got better one after another, up to this one, and I hope you would make a continuation beyond part 3, I feel this series has not had its justice yet, the story is great don't get me wrong, very epic and moving, so good, you should continue the story, say, part 4, make it a tournament, of different fighters, just as action packed and emotionally story driven as the others, and if the file is too big, release it in different parts, hey its only a suggestion.

I think its interesting how you cater to the audience, making it to where we like the Street Fighter characters over the Mortal Kombat crew, the SF characters have a goodness over the MK characters because you make MK characters seem evil, its a good thing I've noticed, I like it, you make us go for a side.

Graphics: The graphics were edge in my opinion, very good, extremely sharp, you make colors and flashes very unique and stylish, bright and glowing, it juices everything up, complimenting the story and action of course, I was amazed.

Style: The style work you put into this was very amazing, you combined fighting elements of Dragon Ball Z with The Matrix, an excellent combination, you must know with those two styles of fighting combined, the possibilities of fighting are endless, and very exciting to watch, one of my favorite parts of the movie was the free fall, where they were falling into the spinning razor pit, to any regular fighter, they would be mince meat, but these guys? They practically destroy certain spinning razors to land safely, not only that you make it to where they just use the remaining razors as weapons, truly stylish, you cannot compete with any of this. If there were a higher scale of points on style, I'd give you a 15, and I'm not just talking about the free fall death trap razor scene either. I've always liked your dodge and evade style, its amazing, from Ryu dodging Scorpions flying harpoons, all the way to Chameleon dodging Akuma's cannon shots, those scenes are just watched over and over again.

Sound: The sound was a great score you put together, every scene there was, the music you combined with the scene fit together perfectly, such as the music playing when the fighters were in intro and warming up, and of course the music during the fighting, and the ending music, you chose perfect sounding music for the end, and the credits, the music was just made for those scenes. Of course the fighting sounds of thrown fists and landing kicks, the sound of violence and battle crys were superb.

Violence: Of course the violence was good, all of the blood, body parts, and bruises you could ask for, in a hyper super fast sped kind of way, very entertaining to watch.

Overall: A perfect 10, I think your one of the best artists on this site personally, and your work doesn't end here, you have much more talent and art to show us, so bring it.

You are now one of my favorite artists, and MK vs. SF 3 is one of my favorite NG movies of all time, thank you so much for making this, because these are the types of movies that get people coming here.


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That was insane! Woot!
Gotta watch it again!

PS: I would love to review it properly but i lack english vocabulary :-(


simply beautiful.

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