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Edit: Frontpage!
Tom, you made my day...no my entire week!
I'm aware that there are a few bugs, I'm planning on resubmitting a new and bug-free version in the next few months...thanks for all of your support!

-Surrounded v 1.0-
This is the main project I've been working on for the past few months.
Controls are included in the game.
A few things to know/tips:

-The charge shot attack is strong at the beginning but it is actually weaker than the stronger weapons you buy. It is meant to be a "helper" at the beginning of the game.
-At the end of each level, health is restored.
What upgrades do:
-Weapons: Allows you to buy a stronger main gun.
-Shield: Adds hp to your shield, the blue thing. Your shield regenerates and takes damage before your health. Cherish it!
-Health: The green thing, the majority of your health points. Upgrading this gives you more points.
-Control: Upgrading this increases your turning speed, acceleration, and maximum speed. To avoid some enemies it is a must later in the game.
-Armor: Divides all damage of enemies by a certain number. The maximum amount of armor, for instance, divides all enemy damage by two- this is the same as doubling your health and shield. A very useful upgrade.


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Does anyone know the name of the music that plays? Both of them.

I didn't find this to be that good. I think it's because you didn't have much control. Dang, this laptop really does suck for these kinds of games. I think the graphics are pretty good. It just doesn't come off as anything too special. RaidenX is one tough act to follow.

I couldn't understand some of the barriers. It didn't matter that much, because I could still beat a level. I like the use of colors. The music is fairly good. It does seem ambitious, given how popular it has become.

Okay game but too buggy...

First of all i want to say i don't mind the controls, idk why everyone is crying about them. All you have to do is fly in one direction at full speed then turn around (so your shooting behind you) and just kill stuff, move out of the way to dodge bullets. It's quite easy game and fun but it's just too buggy. I read in the comments that there was sometimes an enemy that you couldn't kill and i got that too, i had to let him kill me to try the level again. And after that happened i bought an upgrade and my ship turned invisible.. idk if this is supposed to happen, but i assume it's a bug. It was just too annoying to maneuver when you can't see what direction you are facing. I ended up beating the level still but i quit after that because it was just too annoying to play at this point. Still a fun game until i got raped by all the bugs. I'd gladly play it again when the bugs are fixed, until then 6/10.


this game can go well you know the rest


Am I the only one who cannot find the last ennemy on the level 7 or so ?

Credits & Info

3.47 / 5.00

May 6, 2007
2:29 PM EDT