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A promising female space cadet is greatly underestimated by her male colleagues in an experimental 3D/2D adventure (sort of).

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only one ten? I better ten this also XD

Animation: 9/10
Story: 7/10

Animation: the graphics seem a little weird, but the work that was behind them was big so extra points on that one

Story: a girl being underestimated, then it manages to overcome the other...that's is kinda generic when it come to modern age girl story

Audio: nice tune and it showed more combination than most of your other flashes

Dynamic: nothing really new that I can comment here....

sorbitol responds:

Another experiment I'm afraid!

I wanted to make a 3D cartoon and mix Vector 3D with Rastor 3D and then use 2D vector characters.
It was just to see what it would look like as I'd never seen it done before.

I was reasonably pleased with how it turned out.

The tune was made with some loops I bought.


only 7 reviews-I'd better write one!

This is a noteworthy submission. Not fantastic but a nice little 3d number.
Nice art
nice animation, not stunning but I've seen worse on TV.
In fact, It had quite a professional style about it.

I would rewrite the notes. You only have a simple story so don't tell us before we see it!

Its OK with just the music, but to go to the next level you would have to either have music which developed in time to the vision or sound effects as well.

With the robots eyes lighting up at the end you have the way open to another episode. Since this one has already been succesfull you should think about making the most of this success and, should you choose to make another episode, developing your skills.

This might mean a more complex plot although the simple plot was OK for this little story, or it might mean develping the sound medium along the lines I expressed above. With the success of this one already under your belt, you should think about collaberating if you have any doubts about any aspects of future productions- its worth it.
Nice work, keep it up!

sorbitol responds:

Thanks for the review IceDragon64!
Sorry it's taken me so long to reply!
I'm glad you liked this cartoon which was my first 3D effort. It was only really an experiment that I thought turned out pretty decent- not stunning, as you said- but decent.
I must take this opportunity to thankyou for writing a proper review that you've clearly put some thought into. I hate having to reply to 14 year old ASBO maggots who elaborate no further than,"*SNIFF* S'alright, s'pose...".
I wish there were more like you-
It has been a pleasure to respond! All the best- Adrian.

hmm....... Good with a few bumps ^^;;

Stylistically it was well done, it looked nice, if flowed without being choppy, and no obvious misteaks were made.

However, like others, I would've enjoyed a little more plot, it wasn't a bad plot, and perhaps I should be thankful it had a plot, (and wasn't just some random stickman slugfest, though those can be fun to look at) I just figured there needs to be more there than - "have the female outdo the male and fight a giant robot".

But I think this plot problem could've easily been ignored if you had some exciting and nicely timed. It really does make a HUGE difference, good music can make even the most tedious plotlines somewhat interesting. (not that your plot line was tedious, just not thrilling; that's all) and finally, maybe some more action sequences, I know thats not what you were aiming for, but in that 'fight' scene you could've done a lot of neat things.

Anyways, I'm rambling, and nitpicking and crap, you may get the impression that I didn't like it, but all these errors are very small and could easily be overcome. You have great animating skills, so making it interesting shouldn't pose a problem, I mean, anyone can write something but it takes skill to animate it well. maybe watch more of the top ranking flash animations and try to take aspect of their work and incorporate it into your own..

Overall it was really well done, I really do appreciate your use of 3D graphics and you rather cartoon-y type aprroach to some parts, I didn't notice the transitions to be awkward in the least. Good work ^^

sorbitol responds:

Thankyou for your well thought out and articulate review. I really do appreciate it.
This was the first time I had dabbled in 3D so I tried to keep everything as simple as possible, the story, the characters animations etc. I also had to keep an eye on the file size which was creeping towards 50mb towards the end.
It started out as a sort of experiment but by the end I thought it was alright enougth to submit to NG and might make a welcome change to other submissions.
There were more action sequences animated but rendering them out was putting a strain on the old hard-drive and this was more of a test run for future works if anything.
Thanks once again for your constructive and helpful review. I will take your comments on board for future animations.
I really do appreciate your time.


it was neat...... i think that you probably could've made a better 2d version..... but 3d was cool.... im assuming that the entire plot was to have the female pilot kick a$$... if so...... well... thats what she did.... i had hoped for more.... umm... substance to the story..... sorry, i cant recall the names of other 3d flashes (i just woke up today/tonight)....you have got some good ideas and solid groundwork to continue with.... so keep it up!

fantastic achievement

I loved it, even the detail in the reflections of them at the beginning. I loved the preloader too, haha! Great job man, I really loved the style, wish I could've given 11.

sorbitol responds:

Thanks a lot, mate! I'm happy you liked this. I've never tried 3D stuff before and I was a bit nervous about how it would turn out.
Your review makes it all worthwhile!
Thanks again!

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4.00 / 5.00

May 3, 2007
6:02 PM EDT
  • Daily 3rd Place May 4, 2007