Madness Consternation

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Moar violence.



Well, once again, the time has come for Krinkels to release another animation of epically full-of-win gore and mayhem.

I loved it.

The effects were great, the gore was terrific, the style was incredible as usual; although, imo, it wasn't as good as the last one in terms of... hmm, how best to put this... excitability, perhaps. A 7 for style this time.

I love your work, Matt, and I still idolise you as an animating god, but this just wasn't as good as, say, Depredation for example.

The animation is better then any I have seen before, incredible gore, delightfully smooth, but it's just not as exciting. I'll give you a 9.5 for violence, mainly for the gore, and round that up to a 10, and a 9 for graphics.

The pace is just as fast as usual, but it seems to be losing its touch of creativity in the way people are slaughtered mercilessly. I agree entirely with the previous reviewer on this matter.

As for the music, great as always, good work Sean, but I find your music for Antipathy and Depredation far superior. But then, I know you were rushed for this piece, and I suppose you didn't have as much time as you should have to make this piece. Still great though. I'll give you an 8 for sound.

The menu was quite good, the button was fantastic, so I'll give you a 7 for interactivity, as there's not much of it.

I didn't get a chance to look at the posters yet, I'll do that as soon as I get a chance to watch it again, so for the moment I'll put humour at an average 5.

Overall, I'll give you an 8.

Don't get me wrong, I loved this, it was great, but comparing to your previous work it just wasn't as good.

A suggestion or two for Madness 8: Bring back the creative style. I think this should be particularly easy with Jebus as the main character in the fray, what with his uber powers etc, but keep the gorey doomful style.

Oh, and I have to say this one last thing:


how could you kill him?


Oh well.

Your animation series.

Well, best of luck with madness 8; keep up the good work, and so on and so forth...

I hope you find this review helpful.

- The Scarecrow

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Oh my...

Do I really need to enter the body of my review here? I mean, it was just sensational. This is by far my favorite Madness. I loved how it was different from the other ones, and how it prepares us to an unexpected conclusion of the Madness Serie...

Two thumbs up, Krinkels!

10/10 ==> I want to see the next one now :(

Source: FBI


So, yet another jolly romp through some nondescript place in nevada. Like the others I enjoyed the fast paced violence and high death toll. Gotta ask though, wtf is with the clown? It's strange enough that Jesus(Or some facsimile) is in this raising dead and killing our hero but the clown... well, I got nothing.
Anyways, I hope to see if there's an actual plot evolving out of this corpse filled mess and where it might go.

Worth being proud of

But, looking back at Madness Redeemer and Madness Avenger, this falls short. It's just not clever enough and the music isn't good enough.

Maybe a lot of people here don't know the difference and just look at the explosions and blood to see if they like a flash, but there sure is a difference between scenario A:
A. dropping an empty handgun, snapping the neck of one guy standing by a vending machine, catching a knife thrown by a guy coming through the door, throwing the knife back to kill the other guy who came through the door who was about to shoot you with a bigger gun, advancing slowly on the unfortunate soul who threw the knife and is now trying helplessly to shoot you with the empty handgun you dropped, killing that hapless fool and then picking up the big gun the other guy dropped, all in the space of a few seconds
and scenario B:
B. uncreatively punching 3 guys to death in the same amount of time

Scenario A is one of the better parts of Madness Avenger. Scenario B is the crappy, lazy way that the first three agents die in Consternation.

A is a lot more creative and imaginative than B. It's just better. A thick dose of goth and a ninja suit doesn't change that. (I'm sure a bunch of numbskulls will disagree)

But don't get me wrong, even though it is lacking in flavor, this is still an excellent flash. The whole Madness series is great.

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this is complete madness!!!!
i love it!!!!!
haha, ill be holding my breath until the next one comes!!

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