Piconian Slaughter

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YAY, Frontpage, no price... but still +40000 views :)
I must say I'm pretty pleased with the whole outcome :)

First things first:

*FlashPlayer 8 needed to view properly*

*seizure warning*

I had this idea inside my head for over 2 months but, due to school projects and exams, I only had these last five days to make it. I have been working day and night on this and thanks to some great voice-acting by P3RFECT it resulted in this.

Enjoy watching it and happy Pico day ;)



It was ok, but not great.

i liked it a little bit

the last part should have not been blocked


Hello,I love the song but I cant find it anywhere...help?

Vincoid responds:

Search in the audio portal or simply click helix6 in the movie info on the left...

eerrrmm..Chuck Norris doesn't cry. period.

But apart from that slight mistake, it was pretty good to watch. I rated it high for style as it was an interesting idea; Pico entering a brutal death match with what looked like King Kong's older brother on steroids! armed with only a battle axe.

Okay, I have to say the animation was abit lame in SOME bits, such as the fighting at the end, where I think you cut corners abit-but in general the cartoon work was fairly solid.

Well done anyway, keep it up!

could have done alot better

this is rediculous it looks nothing like pico and it seems very rushed you used the same animation bits more than once and it just doesnt seem very comfortable even though in parts it showed that you know what your doing so i think this was rushed for pico day.

Vincoid responds:

As stated in the author comments, it was rushed just because I didn't have the time. Next year will be better, I promise ;)

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3.80 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2007
6:32 PM EDT