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Pico And The Butchery-p1

rated 4.01 / 5 stars
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Apr 30, 2007 | 4:58 PM EDT

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Author Comments

TOM/NEWGROUNDS TEAM: I am submitting 2 parts of this flash only because the finished product was 9 minutes and, because i do claymation the file size would be way too large , please except the 2 Parts as one when judging- Thanks!
Part 2 will be out later today.
I would like to think it takes claymation to a new level on newgrounds. Hope everyone enjoys it!
Pico is lead through labyrinth of nightmares, to find Nene.
Sorry about the crappy sound quality/ Video quality! To fit it in with the file size limit i had to reduce it alot:(



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


A lot of what I think has been said already, especially about the odd look of some characters, but then I know a bit of what it's like doing that in clay so I sympathise =)
Now, you've obviously put a lot of work into these and I admire that, but there are a few things which need to be worked on:

Camera effects! I'm thinking you've gone a bit over-the-top on some of these, most of the time seemed to be taken up with lots of 'crash zooming' (I think that's the right term) shots which on the whole made it very hard to watch because 99.9% of the time I couldn't really see anything, a lot of the rest of the time was spent focusing on Pico's funny-looking mouth. I'd personally go for some slow panning shots of some of the places, so you can see the detail for yourselves from the character's perspective, maybe slowly looking over an item then quickly moving to another, making sure the pauses to view things is slow enough that the viewer can see what's going on, mimicing the movement of the character's eyes.
As it is I had to kick style points down for this as it was, as I say, hard to watch at many of the best parts.

Horror is most easily conveyed by letting us see what the character is horrified ABOUT, a lot of camera tricks just detract from that. The other main trick then is what you DON'T show, e.g you know something is going to happen, then cut to AFTER it's happened, maybe with some evidence of the act. For example someone being pushed into a wood-chipper. Yes it might be fun to show what happened to them, or seem more horrifying. But what works better is showing them being pushed (with the outcome obvious) then cutting to a shot of the horrified onlooker being sprayed with blood along with some good sound-effect. The viewer imagines for themselves what happened, SHOWING them it would spoil it as it takes away the imagination, which is what gives real horror.
These are two methods that the Saw (which you very appropriately chose) used to clever effect (Later films I was unsure of, IMO they showed too much). For example in the first film (if you've not seen it don't read on!) you see the doctor starting to cut off his foot, and then you see him throwing down the hacksaw and dragging himself across the room, but you NEVER see the foot actually coming off, or even just severed; you don't need to, the horror of knowing what he's done is already there, and you're thinking for yourself how horrible it would be to cut off your own foot, and how determined he must be to have done it.

Sound was mostly good, but I'd be more careful with music choice, some pieces might have appropriate lyrics, but don't sound at all right when used. Usually something without lyrics that is subtle (ie background music) is best, and a lot of the time no music at all is perfect if you can get some decent sounds to add in, like water dripping or something relevant to what's happening.

I seem to have gone on a bit, but I am looking forward to the conclusion (I've watched both parts so far) and hope some of this is of use to you. I still encourage you to experiment; take as many shots as you can, if you can get two cameras set up on each scene for example and take the pics together that is a cool way to get two different shots of one animation to use later, you can then try each one and decide which works best, or use both! Same with the music, I don't know what process you went through but the more music (and more varied music, sometimes something you don't expect might add a surreal effect that works well) you try lends to finding a better fit.

So, a good watch, I liked it, and hope that it delivers more of the same or even better! 4 for rating and a high 7, almost 8 for the review.

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Vdub responds:

WOW dude thanks for the review i havn't really had time to sit down and read this until now. Okay.
Firstly, i would have used slow panning more, but it is impossible to do slow panning with the equipment i can afford,
Sorry i do understand especially with crap ng quality that the crazy camera work is tough on the eyes, i dunno i guess i just wasn't sure to shore how to show the horror, I tried to use as much newgrounds music as possible i thought thats would give me a better chance in the comp but i guess it didn't make a difference, i think i will change some of the music before i continue with it, i dunno if that cover severything but anyway thanks alot for the humungous review!


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

everything amazing but

the clay. Omg, i'm sure you spent so much work making props and everything, plus the great animation. However, the crusty looking clay really lowered the quality. Modeling clay works so much better.

The effects such as green screen animation and the Saw 3(great movie!) spoof was great, it was pretty creepy. nice work!


Rated 4 / 5 stars

NIce man

that was prety darn cool dude, alot of thought musta gone into that cos it as pretty entertasining.



Rated 5 / 5 stars


Nice job guy, I loved it! Keep the good work going!


Rated 5 / 5 stars


dude you have exceeded yourself with this one. both are so good!