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Doubt's Hate Mail ATS

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Author Comments

Random faggot:
...to make your right wing sexism look badass, you live in a fantasy world my good man. i can't even watch your no talent flash slideshows, just pieces of them before i turn them off, i might just organise some friends to vote 0 on you daily. eat shit you hate monger, see you in the obits.

Doubt's hate mail and then some...
Video in the beginning.

Latest conversation:
Her moaning:
Very well, if this is the choice you wish to make, so be it. I'll not waste words on you. I shall begin my research and post them onto the forums.

Currently laughing at your pathetic attempts to define your own existence,
The Lone Reviewer

Be sure to cite your source, little whore:
http://salmonofdoubt.110m b.com
You sluts are cute when you try to control people. In real life, I would have punched your tits in just for being so cheeky. You're a sex toy, not a human ;D

She says:
I am beginning to understand what goes on in your pathetic mind, and I am filled with a sense of disgust and pity.

No, I just don't pull out, like your father should have. Everything goes here, babycakes.
You know what would shut you up good? My cock in your mouth!
All you'd be able to say would be, "Mumph philld mith um shensh (gulp) of mithsust mnd mibby."

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You have the right to say what you wish...

... but I do as well. Maybe that's why you despise women so much; they have been given the ability to respond to your baseless claims and the only defense you have is to completely avoid the subject and resort to name-calling and fruitless degredation.

You're doing a very good job at annoying people, I can assure you. If that's your goal, then congratulations! But if you want to prove your point, you're out of luck. None of your arguments have statistics backing up your claims. You blame women's aspirations to look good on their stupidity? The fact of the matter is that the media is in control of public opinion on how a woman should present herself in public, which leads to enormous pressure when a woman cannot achieve the ideal beauty standard which Americans hold so dear. Watch Jeane Kilbourne's "Killing Us Softly" series in order to understand that we must all change our perceptions of male and female in order to bring justice to both genders.

And of course, you are obviously not helping. Men do also undergo a lot of pressure and unfairness in this society, but believe me, women have it worse off. I am sympathetic towards men, and I believe that you have undergone some sort of trauma in order to have made yourself so smugly hateful towards women. I am sorry that our society does not do you any justice, but remember that there are countless women who still continue to suffer the social ills of our society. They are straining to fulfill their own life niches while keeping up to the unrealistic standards for women today. That doesn't mean that every woman is innocent and intelligent. There is just as many female idiots as there are male idiots.

TL;DR, go ahead and provide evidence to support that males are being snuffed out completely from education. I want cold, hard numbers. You ARE an advocate for facts rather than opinion, aren't you? Stop singling out certain cases and begin to look at the bigger picture. If you decide to call me names like you have all of these other reviewers here, we'll know who the real intellectual is in this argument. A good debater does not resort to crushing his opponent by petty and childish name-calling: he does it with evidence.

doubtfish responds:

Numbers and statistics you say?
Duly noted. I will give you a few infallible numbers and statistics.
It'll be a fucking rash, though, due to the fact that so many of these numbers are slanted. I'll have to do some digging to find the tests, how they were programmed, etc.
A 1-d view at a 3-d world. Lots of work, but it will be damnding.

ur swf are not animations they suck

the content of the flash should be just plain txt, u dont need the movie or the audio or the pictures of naked or semi nude females that u always seem to add to ur shockwaves

is it becuase they would be boring or just plain stupid without something else in them? or is it like a compulsion

users of ng
do not waste ur time watching this
do not waste ur time reviewing it he likes the attention that he gets wether it be hate mail or honest critique, which he then responds to in the most offensive way possible so as to encourage further hatemail
blam it off newgrounds

doubtfish responds:

That's cute ;D
Girls are kawaii when they're angsty and angry. That's what I love about short little Asian schoolgirls ;D
And then you punch her fragile little nose for sassing you ;D

i love hate mail

its funny as hell how people cant keep the problems to themselvs. if ya dont like somthing dont watch it

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1.17 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2007
2:34 PM EDT