Unforgotten Realms: Epi 8

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==Unforgotten Realms: Episode Eight==

This thing is 20 freaking minutes long, I put in a loader movie it's so freaking long. The preloader however has been giving me crap and I'm stick of exporting this file over and over but it should work none the less.

If you never seen the series before no big deal as while there may in fact be a plot to this cartoon I have no idea what it is anyway. I hope you all enjoy.


i didn't look at the clock or anything once

when i ususally watch an extended time flash like this, i check the clock several times becuase i get bored during the middle. This one, however, intrigued me from the start to the end. hella funny. MAKE MOREEE!!!!

You must have worked on thhis a long time

WOOOH! liked it.

temorplary ...tem tem temerrairily

awesome don don don im a wolf. Hahahahahahahha mountain dew anyway great seris I give it a 5 out of 5 on the sensitive sammy the snake scale!

*plays Ocarina*

Best. Episode. Yet.

I love all of the Zelda references/music. :O Good job, and I can't wait to see more! :D

lol !! make more!!!!!

this was funny....and i did like the art work rly think u shood be on mtv or some shit but who does all the voices ? one guy or 2?

Sirschmoopy responds:

one guy

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4.26 / 5.00

Apr 23, 2007
5:26 AM EDT
Comedy - Original