Knee Deep in Death

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Update: Thanks Tom for the front page! I really appreciate that, and the zombie collection entry! Thank you!

This minute long segment of undead gore serves as an ode to the genre of zombie movies.
The movie is mostly frame by frame and there were no bitmap images used in the production.
Inspired by 28 Days/Weeks Later.

Update: Stop wasting ur reviews commenting on which movie it's based on. I don't care.
Music by: Muse.

I just made the sound better.


yo dude

what song is that?

danomano65 responds:

muse- shrinking universe on the Hullabaloo Album

i fucking love zombies

i loved this i am very particlulare on how zombies should act and move and u animated then pretty much spot on! fucking amazing thats all i have to say great job! please make more!

What a flash movie should be like

Short, interesting, visually pleasing.. all flash movies should use this formula.

This had a very good fbf animation, it was fbf with full body figures, yet they still looked human and life like. This was very nice looking.

I'm a big fan of Muse, and I think that song worked well. It pretty smooth. The only thing I didnt like as much was the zombie breathing noise, but it wasnt a big deal.

Glad to share the zombie section with you.

-Seth Johnson

To K-Devi

If you pay close attention, a scene shows blood entering a person's eyes, and their eye's change. viloa, they bcome zombies. Flashes dont always have to have meaning, or the artist is maybe trying a new style and sharing it with us.

Was that an NBC helicopter? xD Kudos on an intersting flash.

nice animation, except for a few things

if u were in an art university school or college and if u're only showing a bunch of violence where people are getting killed by zombies and stuff and doesn't really show that much of a story line, u'll probably won't be receiving a good mark in this video. You have to have a better meaning of how did theses people turn into zombies and why do u feel like making a video showing a bunch of people getting killed and stuff

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4.11 / 5.00

Apr 20, 2007
10:16 AM EDT