Super-Duper Friends

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Hillary, Obama, Edwards and Gore use their superpowers to thwart the administrations conquest of the universe. Sign up for the world premiere at www.challengeofthesuperfriends.com


Amazingly done!

I'm guessing, you're a democrat? Just a guess. Well, the work on this was amazing. Though, it wasn't the funniest video in existance making me puke my insides out from all the laughter, it was very creative. A lot of political hype has been sprouting, and this video just captures it for me in simple words.

I enjoyed the fact that it looked older like the cartoons did. The audio was ripped straight from the show itself, and it matches fine, except if you actually pay attention to it, you're lacking some of the villians. Haha.

I really liked the portrayal of the characters, and how you used the effects of the voice, effects, and scenery to match what was happening in the video. Great choice to work with, you have here. Also, before you criticize a video for being poorly made, flash off what you've created.

Unbiased review

I like the flash, the Connection between the Legion of Doom and the current Government leaders is pretty damn funny, kudos for that. However, Making the Democrats the heroes? I dunno about that...Well with the exception of Obama and Edwards (if that was Edwards?) Anyways, this is one of the best Political flashes I've seen, The only low scores I gave are because it wasn't interactive at all (not even a PLAY button) and there wasn't too much violence (not complaining though:D)

anyways I'm rambling now, overall I loved it :) Keep em coming

Ab-So-Fu-**-Ing-Ly Beautiful

Totally Old School. Like you have it right on the money insanely well. It looks just like the old cartoons and which such a great amount of detail.
The work and sound for what was shown was awesome. I love your style and would love to see different things from you more often showing how much quality you got out of just this cartoon.

The No Preloader may have been annoying but honestly as soon as the movie loaded up in the new window it played for me with no stops so I won't bug you about that because I had no issues with it what soever.

Keep up the awesome Work!


when was this made?

This seems like it was made 10 to 20 years ago. I think you used that style to try to make it funny (it didn't work), and I have no idea how this made it into the weekly 20. If this is the trailer for somthing at your site, then you should try something else because I don't want to go from Newgrounds right now (and your movie was a bunch of sheeit).


i would like to say it was a good idea and if my darn computer loaded it properly it might have been good... needs more action and KABOOOMM!!!! =oP

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3.97 / 5.00

Apr 19, 2007
11:02 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody

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