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Cubitsu 2

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Cubitsu was sort of a hit on the Internet. Well, here comes cubitsu 2! Same concept but focuses more on strategy and probability instead of luck and time-limit.

It is well-explained in the tutorial on how to go about playing. But even if you do not understand the tutorial, you can go ahead and play. Have fun!


It might have been better

The game has it's problems. In later levels, the game becomes one of luck, because the odds of getting a row of 3 skulls when you rotate a row/column becomes so high that there is no skill left; you just have to hit an arrow and pray that you don't get smacked for it. This means that you don't play the game so much as watch it play itself, and (unless you'r some kind of pervert) htere isn't much fun in watching that.

Perfect game except the fault in it

The fault is that when its game over, u click main menu, click play, skip tut. and u go to same stage u was on with the score u had otherwise gd game

nerve wrecking!

I think it's a great and addicting game, but it's also a bit of a gamble, so you can winn the game by luck, without thinking about it, or, have great tactics but loose because of bad luck. Anyway, great game.

PS: the music is nerve-wrecking! great for a puzzle game.

To much luck involved

I just tried to play the game and was already eliminated in the seccond round because I litterly 4 times in a row turned over 3 skulls in a row, which already made it imposible to win. Just bad luck perhaps, but not funny, since you can not do anything about it..

Too purely based on luck

unfortunately the fact that the blocks are completely random with every turn and the ability for the blocks to spawn 3 of what ever with a spin also defeats the purpose. i think if you just made each level have a set block formation or wtv, which stayed the same throughout the level, only spawning new blocks when you got rid of the previous ones, then the game will be completely based on skill and make for a great game.

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3.31 / 5.00

Apr 18, 2007
1:05 PM EDT
Puzzles - Sliding