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Dog Daze of Boredom

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Siblings Ep. 3: Dog Daze of Boredom

It's just another day in the life of Spike, and that means barking at anything that moves, laying around, and putting up with Johny's neglect and Rob's idiocy.

There's a hidden play/pause button down in the bottom left corner of the screen in case you want to pause it for any reason. It kind of goofs up the audio sync, so be warned.

The scrapbook's last four pages are unviewable at this time due to an error in my coding. I'll fix it as soon as possible. Until then, if you wish to view the full version of the scrapbook, be sure to go to my site. There's a link to it on the main page.

So watch and enjoy. Don't be afraid to leave a review, I appreciate all the feedback I get. Truely.

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Pure bottles awesome

Your style is wonderful, simple but it works excellently. Not to even mention the constant barrage of jokes infiltrating my mind from every direction. It seriously reminds me of the super flash brothers (and that my friend is high praise from me). Keep up the awesome work.

This was so cute. :)

I loves this! The characters we all so individual, and the animation was really good!

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Make another!

Dude yur like gifted with these animating skillz! Is there gonna be another cuz im prolly gonna Rofl literally, was the skull from dont wake robby that thing when Johnny was in the closet saying that his new plan was better than the last dumb one, anyways nice work!

Bobert-Rob responds:

As a matter of fact, I'm working on episode 4 as we speak. Well, technically right this moment I'm typing this response, but it's getting done in any case. Won't be here until at least late August/early September, as it's a long way from completion. It'll get here, though! Thanks for the review and compliments.
Oh, and, yeah, the skull in the closet in episode 2 was the clickable one. Doesn't do anything, of course.


This was funny as hell!

But it would make my day if the dog got a boner XD


To good for wiods :') laughed myass off

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4.40 / 5.00

Apr 17, 2007
3:11 PM EDT
Comedy - Original