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Mr Coo #4

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Here's the 4th part of Mr Coo's adventures, now with more fluids.

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random later very random
Overall= ur animation is awesome

A smooth ride from the start

such fluid animation with great sounds where as you watch, you can really feel the weight of the objects and their abilities to move around. Range of ideas creating different moods showing many different weighted objects and characters and animated so smoothly. I'm ranting now. my bad.

What if....

This just made me thin k of what woud have happened if they created bugs bunny...while on acid...while being inspired by Mr.Bungle. awesome visuals and interesting aesthetic.


The end is like you will always have someone above you, big or small. Eventually you wont be able to take the guilt of preforming wrong and it will be like they are eating your heart out. The "chicken" felt the guilt of "killing" the man and couldn't take it anymore. But, new life comes out of sorrow and the man was reborn.

If I'm wrong, then fine, I'm wrong. But please don't destroy me for it. 5/5 & 10/10.


I've heard of less trippy things being seen while on LSD