Alexander Nevsky

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Tips on how to Win: The Knights have a stamina system just like yours in the game. If you wait for them to lose their energy, you can attack them more easilly. Your shield is the best defense, use it often. The special attack key is only useful if you acquire the specific upgrade, using it otherwise will just waste energy.

The Boss is the Grand Master Teutonic Knight, once he's dead, you have to finish him by pressing the Down key, on his corpose.

Please read the "How To..." page and the other pages, to know how to play.



The game is not that great

but you have proved that I am not the only person in the world who knows who alexander nevsky ism and thats all that matters.

I got stuck

in the first uphill I came to. He kept going straight, went into the hill and was stuck there...

It's OK

The Stamina drops too fast and recovers too slowly. It was tedious just sitting with my shield up, waiting for my stamina to recover. I got stuck in a hill once and couldn't move at all. It seemed like the stamina bar is also your health bar, which is weird. I'm not sure if I was just bad, but every time I tried to attack this one knight, he countered.

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Russian-dogg responds:

Your Stamina will act like your Health bar if it goes too low. You cannot kill yourself if you attack too much, but the enemy will take advantage of your low stamina, and can kill you if your stamina is too low.

Not bad

It was alright, nothing too exciting. Clean up the graphics and gameplay a bit and you could have a good game.

Not that good of a game

Graphis: The graphics were very choppy. The armour looked really bad.

Style: I did not like the general overall flow of this game, it was to slow.

Sound: You added musiced but it got really repetitive.

Violence: You could of added blood.

Ineractivity: You moved to slow and the sword attack was to slow sometimes.

Humor: Only time I laughed was when I got stuck at the start and it wouldn't let me move

Overall: OVerall, this is a really bad game that could be good if you scrapped it an dstarted over. The enemies were not that smart and had really bad AI. The controls were very unresponsive for me.

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2.94 / 5.00

Apr 15, 2007
4:07 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - Brawler