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Hey Newgrounds,
Heres a game ToasterDemon and I have been working on for the last week or so. The game is a bit like copter but with a twist. Instead of one game mode we have 4 different modes of gameplay. The Helicopter is controlled with the mouse, and is wii compatible. Hold down left click to rise, and release to fall.
Also be sure to check out the online high score table.
-St1k and Toast

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Man this was crazy difficult! Controls are so fast you barely have time to react before the copter falls out of the screen, or barely have time let go of the mouse before you spiral up up and away into the cosmos... everything seems promising except for them controls, wish they were more balanced!


pretty good

pretty good, I liked the sensitive controls, it gives good control of the helicopter. I liked the wall mode or clock mode the best. Also, I liked the music.

I got going.

And it was pretty good, it could've been a little less sensitive, but it's pretty rad nonetheless.

lotta bugs

some menu bugs. for example, when you do the game mode destroyer, when you die (from either flying to high or low) and it says menu/retry, both bring you back to menu.

its ok,,.,.,.

the games ok i guess could of been better..... sound is ok but could of done with some music the controls were EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTTTTTTTTTTTTRE EEEEEEEEEE;MMMMMMMMMMLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYY YY sensitive 7/10

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3.56 / 5.00

Apr 14, 2007
7:38 PM EDT
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