Awesome Video Games - Ep5

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A Friday the 13th special just for you NewGrounders! AWESOME!

Quick Tip: The tree jumps ahead through the video. AWESOME!

"Awesome Video Games" is a brand new series from FFSTV. Ace and Chet are a throwback to late 80's/early 90's videogame television. The days where videogame tips were hardly anything but speculation and instructions from the booklet.

NOTE: This file is almost 14mb huge, so you may want to turn back if you haven't got width in your band.


I didnt know there was a jason v.g.

this was kinda funny... i liked it mostly because its 1 of the few things that DONT look like crap on wii internet


bill and ted where based on these guys
but it isnt that good

video games ARE awesome

awesome video games... that one did not look fun... I liked that tip on the gun. Helped.

FarFromSubtle responds:

Thanks for watching dude!

not much to say

this was a horrible flash some aspects of it was funny but in all aspects i couldnt but feel sorry for watching it. and besides kids these days dont know what a classic game system like that looks like so really its way after its time would of been better when it was in style but now we have the x-box 360 so its time for an upgrade

Okay but not great

I did think it was kind of funny with the corner thing but it was really odd. Sorry.

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Apr 12, 2007
8:35 AM EDT
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