Probe Avoider

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EDIT: Probe picks up speed faster.

Don't get hit by the space probes. Since i got some good reviews on my ice pop frenzy game i decided to make another mouse game.Ice pop frenzy 2 is almost done BTW.

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that got really boring...really fast
you need to add mor elements and stratagies than just moving the mouse in a circle a bunch of times
sound was good though


Not bad. Maybe a little too slow to start, but it gets interesting after a bit.

Oh, also, why can you kill yourself by pressing space?

Maybe some tweaks, and it'll be good.

PatrickM60 responds:

sorry about the space bar thing its fixed now though


It was all right, except for a couple things...First, it just went so slowly. It took a long time for the game to actually get interesting. Second, you could just do the same thing all the time, that is, move the guy around in a circle. The cool thing about Ice Pop Frenzy was that you had to do different things to win, like, you had to move all over the screen in different ways. In this one you just go in a circle.

Still, keep trying.

nice job

the only improvement I could trhink of is for it to pick up speed faster, I got bored after awile

I got a high score!

I kept on playing.... and playing.... and got a high score! Is this game too easy? A bit. But still, good job!

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2.60 / 5.00

Apr 11, 2007
6:39 PM EDT
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