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The Expert's Guide - NG 2

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*EDIT* OK, since I got a monstrous amount of people telling me to change the nature and data of parts of this flash, I have decided to re-do most of the the blam / protect and whistle part to meet the needs of viewers like you. Also, report all bugs, I'll fix them.

OK, this is the last award-winning "The Expert's Guide to NG" with some bugs fixed and some controversial points changed.

Notable ones:
-A large file size reduction
-Preloader bug fixed

EASTER EGG ON "AWARDS" PAGE (should be worth it).

1. Hello NGer's! This is a VERY deep tutorial about Newgrounds NOT found in the FAQ or most other tutorials. If there's a simple thing that you don't know, go to the FAQ.
2. I spent well over a month on this. Vote fairly.
3. Every button in the main menu leads somewhere. "Submitting" especially has a lot of information.
4. The main reason for the b/p tutorial is to "teach" people what ACTUALLY happens on NG. This isn't usually morally or score-wise right, but it's true. It may sound stupid, contradicting, and wrong, but it'll raise your stats more.
5. If you want the music, go to the link under "Audio".

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Nice creation thanks.
I'd still like to know however if you mark something unhelpful if you get whistle points when (if) it's deleted....