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Spaced Out Ep. 1

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Author Comments

4/21/07 EDIT: New menu and updated intro!

This is the first of a short series. Mlog and Smeg are two mischievous aliens that basically don't have much of a clue and have now begun on a journey. Where will it take them? Watch and find out!

Running Time is 3:44. Please review, I respond to all contructive critisism!

Some of you may recognise this from Sunday Comics & Toons 004 and 006. I took the two shorts and put them together to make this and these two wacky aliens now get a well-deserved short series!

You'll also notice a slight differece from one side of the hyper jump to the other. This is due to them being made seperately and me learning a few things in between.

If you're still reading this, watch the movie.

Seriously. Go watch the movie.

Watch it!

Watch it now!

You have no choice I'm done typing.

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EEEEEE i have no choi- *falls into pit of balls*




RSQViper responds:



overall, pretty good. i like the visual style and i'm always a fan of extraterrestrial humor. a few notes, if i may: the voice acting gets kind of stale at times in that it could use a little more emotion. also, i understand that subtitles are sometimes necessary when you put filters on dialogue but yours are WAY too big. aside from those two things, though, i really enjoyed it. keep up the good work.

RSQViper responds:

Thanks, man. I'll keep in mind the large captions, but htings like that it's hard to keep everyone happy.


Funny, graphics could be a bit more interesting, they were kinda plain. Great lipsyncing, great script, voice quality could be better... I'm actually starting to wonder if the voices are fine, but you don't know this trick in Flash:

File > Publish Settings > Flash > Stream Settings - and set it to 112kbps for better sound quality on streaming.

Maybe you could've used some better text like some pixelated text instead of boring arial or whatever you used.

I really enjoyed this and I think you guys did a great job!

RSQViper responds:

Yah, the plainness was there since this was originally two seperate shots in my SUnday Comics and Toons. Had to make each part inside a week. The Voice Quality is run thru a synthesizer to actually MAKE that sound, though. hehe. That's why there are subtitiles.

The issue with this movie's sound is that nothing WAS stream. Well, it WAS, but not in the traditional sense. Since the movie was originally with a lot of clips of other people's (collab I ran) all sounds had to be put into movie-clips to keep them from appearing in the wrong place or even other people's clips (I have since found a better way to deal with this), so the sound here may get a little funny at times because of it.

As for the text, I picked something easy to read. Pixelated is good-looking, but reading isn't as easy for some. Also, it was Comic Sans MS. So neener neener!!! =p

I'm also making another one of these. This is a set of a series. Like, I'll make a few short series using these guys. This is a 1 of 3 part series, then there may be another story that takes a few parts at another time. The graphics will be a LOT better. Just check out some of my earlier news posts and you'll see the HUGE difference!

Thanks for reviewing!

Credits & Info

4.53 / 5.00

Apr 7, 2007
4:33 AM EDT