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What would the Newgrounds Audio Portal be like in reality?

*Thanks everyone for daily 2nd! and front page!*
..But it'd be soo wicked if this gets added to an NG Collection.
Oh and sorry if its too short...I wanted it to be very quickly paced to make it more exciting.

All music from the one and only NG audio portal.
- "Airbass" by Paragonx9
- "Tankmen theme" - Arbiter
Reviews and comments appreciated.


Could be better

I thought it was cool at first but then after the dude logged into his cpu and downloaded the music ... it was over ... i think if you fixed it up and expanded the animation more it would be a lot better!

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I'm sorry...

I came into watching this video expecting something...more....creative. When the doors opened and the speakers were blasting I was thinking "Okay, this is kinda cool, it's like a club" and then the "reality" disappeared. A flash animator came in and logged onto his computer and downloaded the song, and then it ended. You really needed to go more in depth with the "reality" aspect. For example, if someone were to get a "gold track" award, you could have animated someone in that club playing their mix and all of a sudden it goes golden or something. It just needed more creativity and length.

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It's not really that great, I was expecting a little more than what it was. I will give you points because many people have done movies in regards to the flash portal, but I don't think anyone has done anything on the audio portal.
Also, I hate that song - It grates on my nerves every time I go to the audio portal.


This submission is one of my favs! I recomend you watch this flash!

A very stylish flash.

It was good, the graphics really shone but got abit choppy after the beginning. I like the newgrounds=real world theme that is getting very popualar with flash. it was only really funny in the sense of what it was suggesting.

You lost points for the song, sure its brillaint, but its even on the portal front page...So you lose origanility...Yet it goes very well with the flash in every way.
I thought it was really good, giving off a high-tech feel.

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3.85 / 5.00

Apr 6, 2007
10:24 PM EDT
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