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Global Defense System

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edit: Thanks Tom for Front Page !! :D
Global Defense System
Defend earth from waves of asteroids with weapons platforms and automated laser turrets and a hand full of weaponry. Developed by Dark Realm Studios and sponsored by Heavy Games
-Make full use of the secondary weapon system to switch between slow and fast weapons.
-Extend visibility!
-Don't stop shooting.
-Aim before asteroids.
-Practice makes perfect!
visit the Dark Realm Studios forums for discussions.

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Good game.

Pretty Fun :)


While most people whine about the low visibility, if you dont slouch or turn up the brightness of the sceen, it will be easily visible(or buy the first turret visibility upgrade. Makes the small ones are visible at the start if you bad eyesight). The trick is to buy all three turrets right away, and use the Splitting bombs (forgot What they are called >_<), until you can buy the lasers. Ive beat the game about 5 times using that, and once you have the 3 blue lasers, the game is actually pretty interesting.

Not as bad as the reviews made it to be.

I must say, when I began this game I thought it was going to be terrible. You see, I read the reviews below first, just to get a feel of what it was going to be like. But as I began to play, I was pleasantly surprised. This isn't quite as bad as I was thinking, in fact, it's quite good. No, probably not the best defense game I've played (the firing system towards the beginning leaves some to be desired). But this was not a terrible game, not by far. It is not a game I will play continuously, but may play again some other time. My point is, that in my personal opinion, the game doesn't really deserve the bad rep that the reviews give it here.

it was an ok game

not a bad game but it is alright

Reasonable Game

All the important stuff is here, really. Those who whine and complain about it being too hard or the asteroids are too dark... you're clearly crap at games and have your monitor settings wrong.

The asteroids were clearly visiblew and the game is, if anything, too easy. I lost no health at all playing through the game. I eventually quit without losing because the game was slowing down so much it essentially broke. The top half of the screen was solid asteroids but my low aimed cluster bombs just kept them all back.

Too easy, too samey and as far as I can tell no end to the levels.

Not great, but I don't want the time back so fairly playable.