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A little flash i made which is a parody between Naruto and the Sakura Card Captors opening featuring the Akatsuki characters and specially Deidara XD
Don´t blame me i know Deidara is a boy but he looks like a girl and i make fun of it
Also i´m one of the lots of fans who want Deidara to be a girl so this is my way to complain eheheh
Yeah the song is too girly for the the Akatsuki gang but i wanted to do it that is all


haha so super special awesome !!!

so true, deidara en verdad parece mujer, al principio crei que lo era, so keep the good work!!!!!!! and put this in the naruto coleccion!!!

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this is really good,and so is the song......''YOU'RE STUPID!''Hahaha the was funny too:)

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whoa whoa whoa w8 a minute

u mean to tell me deidara wins that fight
(i've been watching the real episodes off youtube for nothing????)

Card Captor

I love Card Captor. And I have sean them all in JAP.

I like your flash. I know the words to the start song there.

good work

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dont like it

im not going to bs to you.
i just didnt like it.
im kind of bored of seeing naruto flash on here but it was a little bit better then the repetetive pixle fighting things.

i also dont understand why everyone goes on about why diedara looks like a girl.
its obvious hes a boy. the way he talks (on both the manga and anime), his voice (anime only) and the way his body is drawn.

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Apr 5, 2007
10:46 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody