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Amazing Logic Game where you need to remove as much as possible parts but keep the boy over water


Good idea, however.....

the concept has a lot of potential, maybe you can try implementing a minimum number of beams that the player must remove before they can advance to the next level. this would increase the challenge and would also allow for difficulty levels or basic medals. one annoying problem that I found was that the mute button did not mute all the sounds.

too easy

it was too easy,just take a piece and done....what game is this!?

Great game

The only thing is the sound effects, I turned the music off but the sound effects were so loud and annoying (I put on headphones and listen to music while playing games) that I couldn't play it very long.

Very Addicting

{jlc102127} you can move more than one per level. You can remove as many as you want and you get 100pts for every bar you remove. That is where it really gets addicting you see how many you can remove on each structure before you have to go to the next level. Plus the only way to really rack up the points is to remove multiple bars before you go to next level.

Fun but easy

This game was a fun game but was way too easy. I beat it in about 5 minutes. You should have to remove more than 1 per level and you should have more levels.

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3.84 / 5.00

Apr 3, 2007
3:17 AM EDT
Puzzles - Falling