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Samurai Sword 6

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On this one, Shinzo and the ninja, try to find a demon that hates his own kind to help then!But they didn't expect to find the DOOM TROOPERS in the way!This is a Nice one!
Hope someone Enjoy it!

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hhhaahahahaha....laugh gas

i laugh very much on that haahahaha lol


A hell of a lot better then the previous one but shinzo's voice totally sucks balls.
Muda o ator de voz do shinzo por favor

Dark-ChiCKeN responds:

Po foda mudar do nada assim né cara...compreendo mais fazer o que! =/

You finally deserve a 10.

This episode had a very nice style of animation to start out with the black & white sketch style and then after that it got really entertaining to see the ninja fight off a group of Power Ranger wannabes or the Doom Troopers as you call them but even if they are blantent ripoffs of the Power Rangers they had very cool designs with the spikes and what not,i'm hapy that there was a lot more funny moments in this episode that previous ones too so i got all that i wanted really both entertaining action and humorous moments it even ended on a nice cliffhanger at the end,overall i think you improved so much i am willing to give you a 10 for the first time on this series so be proud of yourself. =)

use a smoke bomb

no!!!11 this is laugh gas


man that was funny and as for the review on four i didnt know u had more made