March 29, 2007 –
April 5, 2019
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Author Comments

This is a continuation of my animation, "Static", but they do not have a logical order really... As with the previous one, I am very interested in your own unique interpretations...please leave a review!
NOTE: some parts are a bit extreme on quality.

It's hard to believe that I haven't released anything in over a year. For this animation, I chose not to use my own music, but instead to use a mix of Nine Inch Nails, and Akira Yamaoka (of Silent Hill fame). For those of you who prefer my more humorous stylings, don't worry. I've got something for you all...



I just seem to love this sick disturbed/damaged flashes with a lot of inner meaning, even though i dont completely get it, great audio selection also, that silent hill reminder worked great with the ambient.

<deleted> responds:

Thank you.


This was so intensly amazing. The flash was excellent and the entire video overall made me so nostalgic. I too have dreams like this. It's crazy, no?

Also, I have never heard this version of The Frail before. Could you by chance send me the mp3?

Again. Friggin amazing...

<deleted> responds:

Thanks for the review. I may be dead, but I still read these.


Reviews of dreams are like lunch with Shirley Mclain. You just really want to cut the silver cord and watch her float away like a big happy balloon.

<deleted> responds:

uhmmm cool?


That was pretty awesome there with that crazy animation and wicked music i was really impressed with this flash and a lot better then i thought it would be,excellent job.

<deleted> responds:

Thank you for the review.


I really liked it...especially how the music went very well with the toon. I really did love it all...keep it up!

<deleted> responds:

Thanks. Though I don't know if I'll ever animate in Flash again...


Just one thing.Where the hell did you get the inspiration.And who wuz teh womanz.

<deleted> responds:

The woman is whoever you want her to be. The inspiration is based off a dream.


Though i may never know the inspiration behind this flash, i dont think i want to. This movie actually made me feel depressed and alone, a very wierd feeling to face in today's life. Very well done.

<deleted> responds:

Thanks for the review.

Very Strange

Odd. Very creepy and melancholy. I suppose it might have made a little more sense if I had watched the first one :P
Nevertheless, very good animation. You've mastered crosshatching with the paintbrush, something I was never able to do.
Overall, I like the animation and art style, the movie itself is just very strange.

<deleted> responds:

thanks for the review, Yokai. No promises, but the next one will be all drawn on paper...

wow! thunderstruck...

I was actually anticipating something funny and random looking at your johnny quest submissions, anywho i stumbled upon your movie while i was looking back at some reviews i had written. I really love where you are going with this stuff, keep it up! :D

<deleted> responds:

thanks. right now I'm in the early stages of animating a video for old school metal band, Kilgore...

holy crap....

That is so freaky but so amazingly awsome at the same time. It definately reminds me of some messed up Silent Hill stuff. The Static-like part was my favorite, I heard that SE in the Silent Hill Origins Trailer and it creeped me out on that too. Good Job! keep it up! ^-^

<deleted> responds:

Akira Yamaoka is a god among composers. the part you speak of is actually from Silent Hill 1 on PS1, though i guess they DID use it for a trailer as well. Thanks!


Splendid, that was just a pile of inspiration, thanks for that! You have an awesome style of drawing, with the shaky shades, really good. I liked the occasional response of the character to ambient noises or white noise, with the twitching/static movement with a bit of alpha effect. Overall a good message, yet open to multiple interpretations. This kind of flash with the artsy feeling to it gives Newgrounds its many faces. Well done, this is going into my favourites.

<deleted> responds:

thamks, its appreciated.

Well done!

This flash peice was very well made, my friend! My interpretation of this is that no matter how much you try to run through this society, the ever-open mouths of the people around you will always keep dictating how you should lead your life. In the end, no matter how much you try to change for them, it'll always be the same because they can't change who you are. ^_^

<deleted> responds:

great interpretation, thanks for the review.

I like it!

It's really good. It has originality, well, in the sense that you don't have a concret story that everyone will agree on. But that's cool, cus it leaves you thinking, what was the author trying to say? Everyone has hes own interpretation.

I like almost everything except for those mouths which are obvioulsy not drawn by you. Felt reall out of place and kinda ruins the original art concept
But still, a very good display of talent in the animation and imagination departement.

<deleted> responds:

nobody likes the mouth room lol. imagine a room like that in real life...what would it say? more importantly, what would you feed it?

Strange yet somehow attractive

I don`t know why, but when I was whatching this flash I remembered those freaky scaring videos with aliens/dogs/strange looking little girls a.s.o. (hope you understand what I meant), It was scarry even though you didn`t wanted it to look like :) But I must admit you have a talent at drawing.

<deleted> responds:

i do know what you're talking about, as I said its up to your interpretation.


No-faced character? Check. Random violence/death, usually accompanied by a fast jaring cut? Check. Creepy music, with little or no overt significance? Check. References to falling, jumping off something, and/or comitting suicide? Check. Ok, looks like you have everything for a cliche dark or firth-esque animation.

Don't get me wrong, technically your work seemed to hold together. I mean, there might be some flash snobs who criticize your style for being soo simplistic, or who say that overall your work is low quality, however, for the most part, it can be agreed that your technical elements are up to par. Your music was simplistic, but there, and fitting with your style. So, you are able to physically put togeter a flash, that does put you ahead of a large number of people here in this community.

Your downfall however, was your message. As far as I could tell, you said nothing new, that is, if you said anything at all. I am sure your animation is chocked full of images, the problem is, you leave absolutely no clue as to what they are. Even the most abstract of artists and authors give some clue. For the most part, as far as I can tell, there is nothing more here than some random dark images tossed together. If I had to interpret it, it would be along the lines of:

"The use of dark images suggests that the main character of the flash feels lost, the prevelance of death and the fact that he looked like he was in an insane asylum room sugest that death and insanity are perhaps related, though, in the end, he does appear to be literally consumed by death, though, in the scene right after that things are more clear, perhaps suggesting that somehow death will clear up insanity. This only comes however after traveling over a black sea, perhaps made of depression. The person who is seen hanging is female, and could be someone important to the main character, perhaps the suicide of a mother or sister that the main character has to get past"

There ya go. Overall your work isn't bad, just, for some reason, not memorable.

<deleted> responds:

There wasnt really a message. no theme. nothing. just some hand-drawn stuff doing things. I left the purpose up the the audience...

Ok animation

It seems to be trying to hard to be creepy or disturbing. Seems forced. Next time try being more subtle.

<deleted> responds:

not trying to be anything. You're trying to be smart. keep trying.

Feels Like an Odd Dream

This flash is one of those special and unique movies. It looks to me, though, that this flash film was more abstract and wierd, adding a little more interest. Believe it or not, I was really captured by the movie. The effects and all made feel like I was in some sort of eerie dream. Excellent work on this piece.

<deleted> responds:

thanks. I was worried the effects were a bit much, but I think they create the proper aesthetic.

damn man!

that was a creepy, very intresting flash. hahaha it scare
ya to a point to it make ya blood stir. before for real
great job man!

<deleted> responds:

thanks. though i must admit, this was not meant to be scary. Do not be afraid.


I really enjoyed this submission.Would you be able to tell me the name of the tune with the violins?

Very well done though i look forward to seeing more from you :)

<deleted> responds:

The audio in question is Nine Inch Nails - The Frail (Version). Originally, that was the only song that was going to appear.

What is in your mind...

When an animation comes along that makes you want to look through someone's eyes and into their soul, it must be recognized.

You can do what I only dream...An animation that takes you, and puts you in that place. Thank you. And I wish you well with future productions...

<deleted> responds:

Thank you for the feedback.


wow, this is excellent! Kind of deep thought to it. I loved the style you had, and the sound went well with it. I think it is a masterpiece, and the eerieness to it reminded me of Silent Hill. All in all I got to say this was well worth watching! Create more like this!

<deleted> responds:

watch my animation titled "Static" if you liked this one.


Why hasnt this passed judgement yet? It shouldnt of even had to go through judgement! (( xD )) This is an awsome flash that i hope can make it in to the noir section of ng

<deleted> responds:

I always seem to be overlooked. meh.

Wow, good job

That was really bizarre and creepy...I like it.

The only thing you didn't do a good job on was the cut out pictures of the lips in the flash...it just didn't seem to fit with the rest, and those are really hard to get right anyways. But other than that, you did a great job. More please =D

<deleted> responds:

thats what happens when you cross bitmap with Vector...thanks.


you should be proud of yourself. very, very proud. I applaude you on every aspect of it, and I am honored to see it at it's debut.

<deleted> responds:

Thank you for your patronage.


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