The Fear Hole: Episode 4

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The first episode where I've employed anyone else to do a guest-monster (the same guy who does Webster does the insectoid-avian "Zolg"), and the episode I'm most satisfied with thus far. Much faster-paced and more layered than the last three.

I actually started this episode immediately after episode two, got about a minute in... and procrastinated for a year. Mid-way through the dry spell I created the "black slug" episode, but otherwise just couldn't muster the will to work in Flash.

Fortunately, this gave me time to evolve for a while before tackling the rest of it. It's my big tribute to H.P. Lovecraft, and I hope I've done that in a way you haven't seen a hundred times before.

Hopefully I'll have my fifth episode done by the end of summer...and the sixth in time for Halloween, but don't hold me to it!


could have been better

i was expecting the bloginog thing to sudenly eat the insect thing after he hit him. i was also expecting the eggs to be mini instect stuff (if i have said the bloginog thing wrong it aint my fault)

All Of These Are Great, But...

...This is definitely the funniest of the six so far. Blorgulot (is that how you spell it?) was adorable, although you were right when you told someone who wanted to see more of him that you didn't want to overuse him. He was laugh out loud funny in this episode, but a cute little Lovecraftian horror has only so much potential as an ongoing character. Either the joke would get old, or his personality would have to be developed to the point that he wasn't cute anymore.

I mentioned this in a review I wrote for the second part of Episode 6, but you really know your zoological anatomy. (Surinam toads! YUCKYUCKYUCKYUCKYUCK! And then to have mice come out... genius! I think I'm going to puke! HA-HA!)

All your creature designs show you know what you're doing.

Outstanding! 10/10

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Scythemantis responds:

Oh yes, I'm almost a bigger weird-animal nerd than I am a monster or cartoon nerd! I even OWNED a surinam toad once, a large male, though it died of a fungal infection after a couple months (I think the same dread fungus that has decimated all frogkind)

It's been dangerously long since I released ep6-2...I've gotten voices recorded for a new episode, but I'm so procrastinatey, could be another couple months before I get around to animating :(




You've done it again!!!

the eggs part kinda grossed me out though...

keep good the work up!

i like this series

it gets better and better every time man..

you got some major skills. the animation has increased since the first one.
the jokes get funnier every time

i' d say - that' s " Bingo!"

Ride on!

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