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Smash 2

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Requires Flash 9.

Hit the ball hard. Smash through bricks. Get bigger combos for bigger points. Or, you can be safe and play at a slow pace. You know, if you also enjoyed ducking all the way through Alien Hominid. I recommend Marathon mode!

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This game isn't bad it's just that there's nothing new it's just a breaker

I played this game a long time ago and IT WAS THE MOST AMAZING ARKANOID GAME I HAVE EVER PLAY! The gameplay, the geometric design, the futuristic atmosphere and the memorable music!
So glad to play it on Newgrounds.

Marathon score: 603 950 pts
And the Normal mode: 639 150 pts

I finally can handle that level 21, I have issue with! And wow, that level 4 tho and yes, it is the number of death.
(I suggest myself to have a level editor mode)
And I am wondering, this is the second game, where is the first one?

There is a "glitch" that the black ball get stuck in one black brick but destroy it afterward.
It is still a playable game.


I remember playing this as a child, and wow i loved it. The part i remember best is the music tho, and i still love it. Sad that there seem to be no theme from this game out there :/

Much love <3

That be a good pack of Arcanoid!

You know, most ppl on the web spell hominid homonid. I am glad it has not happened on NG (until this review).

Great game, but it is just a little flash game, as McD's is fast food, it can't be rated 5.
Still it is pretty awesome.