Minushi - Chapter 1

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Hey gang, it's been awhile! I've decided to begin rounding out the "Minushi" collection here on NG, beginning with, well... The beginning: Chapter 1.

Check out Minushi.com for a series of videos I'm putting online to give you animators out there a first hand, behind the scenes look at the methods I used to produce Minushi. Everything from writing to animating to sound effects and music.

Check it out:

Thanks for watching!


Oh, the suspense...

Very nice all around. Great graphics and an interesting story. But maybe you should try adding a subtitles option, because the voices don't remain at a constant volume (it can never be helped on Flash submissions).
Everything else is great though. Keep up the good... well, not "work", really "remaking", I guess. Ahh, you know what I mean.

it looks good

I like it, graphics & sound are fine, animation wasn't the most fluent, but good enough. I have one favor to all movie makers - please make subtitles, because there are many viewers that don't understand perfectly conversations, but can still read them. I know this is addictional work, but i think it will pay off.


Quite boring but it was a good intro about what's coming, Voices are ok, I had a hard time understanding perfectly coz I'm not english, sorry...........

OH MY GOD that kicked ass please make more soon

it was amasing im mean the background was perfect sadly tre people cant match

Read the reviews...

....and notice that you don't reply. You must be an assh*(e.Most artists of any kind usually are. Especially the best. Yes ,you rule. The fact that your not working for some animation company escapes me. Never seen anything this good scenery wise. At night, most people pray to their Gods,...tonight I pray for more flash from you.

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Mar 22, 2007
3:41 PM EDT
  • Daily 2nd Place March 23, 2007