Tax Smack

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Hey, tax time is right around the corner. As if you care!Taxes stressing you out? Feel better by smacking around our virtual accountant. The more he takes out of your pocket the better you will feel after a good throwdown.



We need way more games like this and less glitchy-bad-platformer games/boring shooters. Well done for making this and what not, nice touches include the popping up animals, the nifty sound effects and the cute menu music.

About scoring?

This is a nice game but you should remove the 50000 points limit because it's so easy to reach when it's lagging.

Lol nice:D

but a quality button pls, my pc is not that fast (not at all) i start lagging as i hit him a couple of times... and the time runs normal:(

great thingy you got there

a gadget??

I loved it!

your next game should be rednecks using thier guns to avoid the IRS

awesome game

i think everybody hates tax time... especially me... so i really enjoyed this one. the graphics were very nice, good characters, nice audio, sweet action, extremely funny and it was a major blast to play. very nice job on this one... i'm adding this one to my favorites and i hope that this one wins an award as well.

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3.63 / 5.00

Mar 20, 2007
9:39 PM EDT
Gadgets - Other