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This Displays all the Art From Off the Wall Productions
Art By:
Flashwonders, Brewell,Psyco-Ray-Man, The Quack, Djnet



good one

that was a very nice animation/collab. a bigger plot... or a plot was needed for this one, but this was a near perfect way to show off your drawing and graphic talents... very impressive indeed.


some good art, for the first few it was just some poorly drawn movieclips with bevel used on them, still, that Psycho guys ones were pretty cool, but i do think it shouldn't have been organized like this, maybe put on another site or forum, or maybe make it a gallery rather than a slow panning, like u culd select artists and look at there pics by clickin on em, but w/e, nice art.

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Not Bad

I saw some good art.
I saw some bad art.

Overall, it was okay.

I think this doesn't so much belong on newgrounds though ->

You could try the Forums Art Section :D

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umm yea

yea...so heres the deal. Its a nice colloge for the team...ill give you that. But thats all it really is. I dont think it should be on here...have it on your teams website!

well, i hated it...

if its gonna be on ng, i think it should be entertaining, but that rule has kinda slipped, but i still think it was the best rule. anyway, the art was pretty bad, and it was just another one of those collab slide shows, so it was boring, the music was repetitive, and it wasnt entertaining.

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3.58 / 5.00

Mar 19, 2007
9:31 PM EDT