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scorpion vs ryu2

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very good flash just ignore devinsimmon92 he's a fuckin' dumbshit i don't care if he reports me he shouldn't be saying shit until he makes a better flash than this which I doubt he will n if he makes a flash cartoon it'll be garbage, every 1 else i dont care what they say unless its sumting fuckin' stupid like devinsimmons92 so go eat n****r dicks n swallow tat cum ya fuckin fag, devinsimmon92 if u have a 360 wit xboxlive give me ur gamertag so i can fuckin pwn u at every game n cuss yo bitchass out sum more ya dick licker i dont give a shit if ur fuckin 10 or 30 yrs old bring it bitch!

Amazing sprite battles

If only everyone who made sprite animations used them as well as you do! The story seemed somewhat similar to many others out there, and the sound crackled a bit in places, but the fighting was very, very good. I was also impressed with the changes between what were presumably ripped backgrounds from various places - yet the transitions between them made it feel like they were all part of the same thing. Overall a very impressive submission


VERY well done!
and with an interesting finish

In certain places in the fight (after the 'train' scene for instance) the fight would either slow or freeze, i wasnt sure weather this was intentional or accidental (it may even be MY computer) but i thought i should point it out

with that aside, looking forward to part 3!

and was that diablo they killed in hell?

Vert well done!

I loved the fight scenes. Just when you thought they were going to do the same thing again it changed, one or the other changing who had the upper hand. Very well coordinated to make the sprites mesh.

It dose fell a bit long at some points thought which is my only real complaint.

Also points for the Secret of Mana music used at the opening.