Alcoholic Adventure pt. 1

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***Thanks to the people of NG for Front Page AND Daily 1st***

Top o' the mornin' to ya! This is the beginning of the end: the fourth and final episode of Mama's Boy. The "Alcoholic Adventure" begins on St. Patrick's Day and each following part will be holiday themed (will probably be about 5 or 6 parts, ending around July 4th) But for now, enjoy this jolly green, drunken holiday flash!


cool one

that was a pretty cool animation. im not too sure if i've seen the Mama's Boy series before watching this one, but i'm definitely going to have to check it out because this animation was pretty cool.. and not just because its St.Patricks... but because it was very nice.

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nice, long

nice work! Funny, nice animations. It's just not.. special. But good. :)

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not bad...

great animation, but the the voices are a little noisy...

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The Good Plot, The Bad Script, and The Ugly People

The story has the potential of being good, and the graphics were okay, and the voice acting was alright. I just wish the voice actors had better stuff to say... or something to talk about. As it is, your script is nowhere near as good as the plot itself. You just need to get better jokes in there and find better ways to make fun of society. It has potential in the sequel, though.

Also, the whole "drunk" concept could have been so much funnier. Check out some of Douglass Adams' book, "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy." There are some awsome drunk people in there.

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Johnny-Mac responds:

What you have to understand about this story, particularly this one part, is that it has to start off as a night like any other (with this one happening to be St Pats, but thats just what is) Sure, the conversations haven't really been given the chance to develop into anything truly satirical or culturally relevant, but we're just not there yet. If you're pining for stories about modern young people vs. the law (as the breifcase in the car situation will later develop into) or Joey and the boys' struggle against Hollywood types (as is foreshadowed by the opening conversation) that'll all be covered in the next few parts. But until then, just take this cartoon for what it is: a couple of guys having a fun night out drinking having normal conversations and trying to get laid. Happy St Pats!

Fucking sweet..

I liked this movie a lot, it was funny as hell! Happy ST. Patricks day!

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