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Hentai Quiz Game 2007

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I made this hentai game for the good people of newgrounds i know some of u dont like hentai but if you dont please dont blam because some people do and this is for them thanks :)

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i am going to build my exp then i will delete this crap and all other submissions like this...your days are numbered...know that...bitch


why do u waste your life making this crap i feel sorry for u.



Por Que'?

Why do you and a bunch of other animators do this? I'm not even disappointed about the hentai! if you had good graphics, (better) sound, and some kind of point, this would have scored higher. I'm not trying to piss you off here, but I doubt you put any kind of thinking into this flash at all! Yuo can keep posting, but just (pretty) please stop posting stupid time wasters here! You can still call it "Hentai Quiz 20--" or "HOTKITTYKATORGY!!!!!!!!!!!!" or whatever the hell you want; Just give it some kind of point (which I hope is to entertain and not to annoy)! Is that so hard to ask?

P.S. Is that constructive enough criticisim?

P.P.S. "Por Que'?" (Por-Kay)" is spanish for "Why?"

P.P.S.S. ... Wait, why am I still typing? ahh, fuck.

Ushnor responds:



Why do you continue to post these movies? i don't see how anyone can like them, they're just too dang annoying!
you want "constructive criticism?" well, i guess telling you never to post anything else wouldn't technically be constructive, so at the very least, change that friggin' voice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!