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Animator vs. Animation II

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The animator, looking for a challenge, decides to make the stick figure harder to beat. Little does he know exactly how much power he is giving to the little guy. Long live The Chosen One!

I don't understand why people ask what program I used.. I used Flash like everyone else! Specifically, Macromedia Flash Professional 8.
Play the Animator vs. Animation Game at
programmed by Charles Yeh (flame862)

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A very complex animation, shows a lot of technical skill as well as awesome storytelling and creativity.

Absolute classic, a wonderful sequel to an already great animation, and, indeed, the start of a career on the internet. And to think this guy used his actual AIM username from back in the day, not that it matters now, AIM has been dead for almost four years now.

classic of newgrounds and YT! best animation, a stickfigure named "victim" now named "The Chosen One" destroys the computer of noogai3 "now known as Alan Becker cuz of his YT" or should i say laptop is a classic. also, the windows xp background makes it a classic!

This is a classic

love this and its still my favourite animation ever and its from 2007! Love it and i love the series, I wanna see more! (except the ava V of course)