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In this first episode, the protagonist meets a shadowy hulk of a figure out in the wilderness behind the city and a massive fight ensues! Reviews and comments are extremely welcome. The ISSUE series proposes a gritty new look at comics and their characters. The Second Issue is finally ready for all to enjoy!


Very Good submission

Great graphics, style and music but i think (IMHO) that animation should be improved a little, there is a lack of smoothness you try to cover with elaborate drawings and backgrounds .

I think that you can do even better than this (that is alredy very good) ;-)

I want more!!

Superman disguised as the Silver Surfer beats up The Hulk.

Stunning....Front Page

...brother,..you have definitely raised the bar with this one. Fantastic.

Are You Frank Miller In Disguise Dude

I Disagree with Jnels , This Is what you imagine frank miller of sin city and dark knight returns fame would have made althrough it is different it is the the new style of drawing in todays comic book world so i say go with it dude i love the grittyness because as with most stories you never get answers in the first part (im quoting LSOP adventure game there)

Decent, but could use a coat of paint.

Hmm, I'm a huge fan of comics and graphic novels, so a flash themed one should be right up my alley, right? Well, yes and no. I liked your sense of style, using black and white pictures for the majority of the movie, and I think you could have told me a fun and entertaining story, but it didn't quite fly with me, no pun intended, I thought your lack of narrative story was difficult to follow, and adding a couple of word bubbles here and there would be nice, to keep the plot moving. The music was generally good, except for the weird choice of using Frank Sinatra. What's up? He's great and all, but it felt really out of place. I also had some problems with the big fight scene; it felt like it was sacrificing substance for style, which I never approve of. I know the challenge of creating something that walks the fine line between style and well-plotted story, and I think with a bit of work you could make this even better. So, to sum up, a good movie, but not a great movie. I really hope that if you do the other two you said they will have a little more plot.

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3.65 / 5.00

Mar 14, 2007
7:40 AM EDT