Brink of Alienation: IV

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>----===----< incoming transmission >----===----<
****Before you play this game, prepare to play, because it seriously takes approx. 40mins to beat :)**** if you want to donate to paypal: account is quailman@comcast.net. We'll credit you in next game
Guys, we have been working on this game for over a year! I can't believe it has been that long, but I am so happy that is is finally done! You will see why this game took so long, and why it is the best in the series yet!!! I am so proud of this game and everyone who worked on it, and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do. Your support is what keeps this series alive, and truly has had a big impact on our games!
Someday I hope to bring one of my games to console, and the support from armorgames and newgrounds, and you guys, might make that dream come true. Until then, please enjoy this game, and visit www.ratubaworld.com for more updates!!

For our next game, we are looking for artists to join our team. Visit our site to see how you can apply.


Transmission over.

>----===----< incoming transmission >----===----<
Incoming transmission: Soldier #876-MMO Cyrus McCormic
Soldier, We have lost contact with your platoon. We can only assume the worst, and that we will never hear from them again. We have picked up your life signal, and have noticed you are somewhere in the swamp region of the Kragolyte planet. Thousands of our men are dying out there, you must continue to fight. You have a new agenda; reach the alien spaceport and intercept their mothership. Do not look back, stay alive at all costs. We fear this may be the last saga in our long battle for independance. You're human kind's last hope.

-Ex General Barns

Transmission over


Really entertaining!

I Played it on easy and got to the big lava spewing motherfucker.
Just when I figured him out, I died and quit to write you a review.
This was really nice, and I can see why it took so long.
I will definitely play this again and on my own time.
I have mixed feelings about the art and animation,
but it sure was intersting and fun.
Some actionscript was not the best
but nothing I can do better...yet.
I liked the atmosphere.
Great work.


It was OK. Not too good but ok. There were few bugs but most of them just graphic. For example, the main character often starts wielding many gun at the same time. U can only fire one at the time but when u are climbing a ladder the main character seems to have more than 2 arms.

Houston we have a problem

A pretty good game but the infinite health cheat doesn't work


It was a nice game and all, but.... I couldn't load the second file...
What's up with that?

And yes. The game had lots of bugs, but it's normal for a game that size. Good game anyways.

ugh.. sorry man...

i almost feel bad that about this.. apparentally you spent over a year making this! however then, there's just so many problems slopped all over it!! and i don't just mean glitches... whenever you run against a wall, your guy does that super fast mega twitch, and for the whole first level, you're like completely fucking blind!! the moment you enter the cave (10 seconds in) the landscape seems to slowly disappear. Suddenly your nothing but an army soldier walking in mid-air in a large black and brown room, progressively raising or falling, while mega twitching every few seconds.

You have some good animations and art and setup and everything.. but the shooting is bad and glitched, the moving is bad and glitched, the levels are bad and glitched. i believe just about everything is glitchy, and most of it is also bad... i honestly cant put it into words, so i'll give you the story of why this game just isn't fun.

Sorry, 2/5... i want to enjoy this game... it has potential.. but everything just seems ruined..
A small walkthrough explaining why this game isn't fun:

the only way i managed to get through that part was to hold whatever direction until i stopped, and then if jumping forwards didn't work, id hold jump and move backwards until i was at somewhere new!! i spent the whole first level holding jump and walking back and forth randomly, until i got to the boss. at which point i switched to holding left-click on the head (while still holding jump, and occasionally duck to avoid hits) until it fell, and then aimed at the glowing "shoot me" orb....
Oh, and one thing i forgot to mention, while jumping and running randomly in complete darkness, purple blobs would occasionally shoot out under me and shoot orbs.. and of course i'd get damaged from touching them as i can hardly see them...

Plus, after i defeated the boss, i got a grenade launcher, some health, and a box of blue stuff.. but when the text box popped up, that says: "press 2 to select grenade launcher), it seemed to collide with me, and i was boxed between text instructions i had done many times, and a wall... after that, i went back to the sleeping dude, expecting my grenade launcher would wake him up.. upon walking up an arrow said "run" immediately... confused, i shot my grenade launcher at him to no effect. after wasting all my ammo, it turned out that if i run back to the beginning of the cave, the box of blue stuff explodes... wow.

i'll go through the rest quickly... after facing about 8 aliens through the course of 10 minutes, with my infinite clip auto-rifle (that has the range of a shotgun and the damage of a paintball gun) i got outside, now with the ability of sight, i walked down straight hallways until i did a generic and short find the keycard mission. after another even longer hallway, i eventually fell down and faced a badass looking fire monster.. the game tricks you here, because you assume something that can fire bullets that can pierce the skin would be able to reach this thing without being point blank. nnope..

the lameness picked up more later on, when i got in a badass mech and fought a badass robotic gorilla.. turns out the mech can only walk forward, hover, and shoot in a straight line.. i'll record the keys necessary for this boss battle. D (hold), left click (hold), W,W,W,W,W......
After doing that, the monkey somehow got in and operated a spaceship smaller than him, in wich i had to walk backwards and find a ship... well since my mech can't move backwards (i tried, alot) i had to either go forward or walk back.. but because i had to hover over large gaps to get here, my only option was to mech on forward... my journey ended once my mech fell through a solid floor and couldn't get up.. weeee!

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3.96 / 5.00

Mar 13, 2007
9:09 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun