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-- Press S to jump, down to slide, up to go in doors --

World 2's been taking far longer than I expected, and since everyone's still asking me where it is, I figured I should release a 2 level demo to show that the project's not dead. It's just the second world of the Fancy Pants Adventure, but there's still a good deal of added features. You can wall jump from the beginning, slide into enemies by pressing down, and grab on to ledges, to name a few. I'll be reading through the comments, so any feedback you have for the final World 2, go for it.


FREAKIN' AWESOME! I've been waiting for this!

Some things I noticed, and some suggestions.


Fancy Pants Man's hair dissapears during his climbing up from a ledge animation, then re-appears.


1: Give us the option to change FP man's hair colour as well as his fancy pants. (Assuming you bring back the option to change the color of the Fancy Pants).

2: When FP Man does a slid on Oil, maybe make the oil ignite and burn in his wake, killing enemies and FP Man alike.

3: Whenever I play this game, I always find myself thinking that some cheesy cartoon announcer kind of voice should be yelling out "Fancy Pants Man!" as if coming from a great distance, whenever FP Man does something extraordinary.


This may be the best, certainly most polished, Flash game I've ever played. I really have no criticism because so far its just amazing (hopefully the Flash community will continue in this direction), but the physics is definitely the best aspect of this engine. The way you could use the shell as a weapon was very very well done, I was hoping I'd be able to and you delivered!

I can see you taking this many different directions, but one Id like to see is a sort of Flash Prince of Persia. Whatever you end up with will be great though.


Dude, not fucking bad at all for a demo. This is one game that I can't wait to play the full version. 10

Best Flash Game I've Seen

This game is awe inspiring. Seriously. You've got everything done perfectly from the action scripting to the scenery which is coming along incredibly. The only issue is I wasn't exactly sure what I was supposed to be doing but it was a lot of fun running around collecting the swirly things.

But I must ask how in the world do you make a game like that so crisp and well-tuned for playing D: Is there so sort of Flash Game making tutorial I don't know of XD

5 out of 5
You Win.


one of the best i have played its too easy though make it a little harder but overall you get my 5

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4.24 / 5.00

Mar 13, 2007
7:40 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop